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Lessons to Learn in a Prison

Mike Connell

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So you may not be in school. You may have come out, but you're in different, older latter years of your life, and you realise perhaps you're in a prison contained by mistakes you've made; contained by perhaps the limits and restrictions around you in some areas of your health or whatever. It doesn't really matter what the prison is. God wants you to learn things in that prison. One of the people in the church who I love is Janice. Janice is not here tonight. Janice suffered greatly when she was a young woman, terrible abuse, passed from one family to another, and no home, institutionalised and poor diet, all kinds of things. So she suffered in her body, suffered with sickness, and to this day she's suffered with great weakness in her body, but inside is a heart of gold for God. There's an intercessor inside her. She prays, and she hears God. She opens her home to have people in. She gives to other people who are in need. I admire someone like that.

So maybe there's a limitation around her, in terms of physical health, but inside she's learnt great lessons, and become a person in my life of influence. I really love and respect her. Probably some of you don't even know her, but I respect her, because I know the day she walked down the drive of the church, she'd been everywhere, and there was no hope. Everyone said: you can't do anything with her, and she came, I can remember to this day her coming down our drive, God saying: reach out to her and love her. See, God sees what you can become; so I wonder today, how many of you, as you listen to some of those things I shared, lessons to learn in the prison. I wonder how many of you, God spoke to you about some issue tonight. Would you raise your hand, and just acknowledge: God is speaking to me tonight? God bless, God bless, God bless, many hands going up. God bless.

These are keys to grow, keys to learn. What I'd love you to do is, just going to get into a flow of worship music. What I'd love to do is people tonight that felt God speak to them, I'd love you just to come forward, lift your hands to the Lord, and begin to just speak to him: Lord, you were speaking to me tonight in my heart about this. Lord, I just repent of bad attitudes or a bad response, an unwilling response. I let go of things that have limited me, and tonight Lord, I open my heart to learn the new lesson you want me to learn. Lord, I'm asking for your grace, and I'd love to just come and lay hands on you, and pray that God's grace and favour would come on you.

I have been in many prisons, many very painful, difficult, limiting experiences; so the person you see on the stage is a public person, but privately I have faced many painful prison experiences, and all I could do was just weep before the Lord, and reach out for Him to teach me and help me. You could do that too. It's called the path to greatness. You are a great person inside, just waiting to come out. Why not just listen to the musicians play, and just as we have an atmosphere of worship, those that had God speak to them tonight, why don't you come forward tonight, just lift your hands, and build an altar in your heart to the Lord. I'd like to come and just pray and bless you. Some of the other pastors will come and pray also. Let's just do that, just stand right now. Come on, let's just stand as we just start worshipping God.

Just make your way to the front. Make your way to the front. Just build an altar in your place of prison. God, I feel like I want to fly. I feel so contained, and God's saying: don't be impatient, I want to teach you some things. Come on, won't you come forward, come now. Just come, come on, it's why you came here tonight. It's not just to sing songs, it's to let God touch your life. Just get in touch with your heart - so close your eyes. Closing your eyes enables you to look inwards, enables you to look upwards, so just begin to worship the Lord. As you worship Him, begin to talk to Him about what the issue is He was speaking to you about. We'll just come and lay hands on you. The rest of the church, if you could just pray and flow into the song, or just sit down wherever.

Thank you Lord. Father, I just thank you for each one who's responded tonight. Father, pour out your spirit. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Father, tonight as we lay hands on people we ask for your presence and power to come on them, an impartation of grace to grow in the very area you spoke to them tonight, in Jesus' name.