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Lessons to Learn in a Prison

Mike Connell

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You know what? Imagine how he actually loved the prison keeper, who put him in the chains, and hurt his legs with chains. He was able to serve him, and help him, and bless him, and make him look so good and such a success, he just let go the whole control of everything, and trusted Joseph with everything - never even checked a thing. How about that? Doesn't that require a great spirit, that people who've hurt you, and rejected you, and you can love them and bless them, until the point where they're totally changed, and they have changed in their attitude to you? Isn't that amazing grace? Isn't that amazing to do that, to love people.

I find it hard to love people sometimes. Do you find it hard to love people? It's something to learn, to learn how to love in the midst of difficulty. How do you go about learning how to love people when you're going through a difficult time? First you admit your pain. You have to admit your pain. If you don't you'll actually try to put on a behaviour that your heart doesn't agree with, so in a place of prison when you're in pain and you've been hurt by people, the best thing you can do is weep. Weep before God, pour your heart out before God and begin to feel His comfort and His love coming into you. Then choose to bless and release and forgive and pray God's hand for good upon their life. When it starts to flow from your heart naturally you know you've moved from death to life.

I found a lot of people don't learn that, so they stay pretty small, and often stay in the prison of bitterness. We don't want to be in prisons. We want to be free people. Free people can love. Free people can love. Aye? Okay, last couple of things, then we get a chance for you to respond and see what God has been speaking to you about.

Here's the thing: so Joseph, we know that Joseph just refused to get bitter. Here's the last couple of things. You have to learn to serve. You have to learn, when you're in a prison, to serve. Whatever situation you're in, if you want to become great, learn to serve, and make the people or the situation better. Learn to serve. Learn to serve. You want to be great? Jesus said: do you want to be great? DO YOU WANT TO BE GREAT? Well, I don't know - do you want to be great? Do you want to be great, or do you want to be insignificant? [GREAT!] See, there's one person wants to be great. Good on you Danny, there you go, you're on your way already, because you've got the right attitude, see?

Do you want to be a great person in the kingdom, or do you just want to be insignificant? If you want to be insignificant, well you'll have a whole world around you, helping you be insignificant. If you want to be a great person, you've got God on your side. He wants you to become great. He said: any man desires to be great, here's the way you make it happen. You make it happen by serving. You learn to develop the heart of a servant, so wherever you, are you step up and make it better for everyone around you, and developing that heart of serving is what develops greatness in you. And Joseph did that. You notice he's serving Potiphar, and what happens? Potiphar gets so blessed, he lets go everything into his hands. Then what happens? He gets put in the prison. You know what he does? He serves so well there, they let go everything, put it all in his hands, and trusted him. You know what happens next? Then they put the whole nation's future financially in his hands. Well, I'd like to have that happen. However, you've got to see what you can do with what you've got right now.