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Pursuing Greatness and Eternal Rewards

Mike Connell

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You look in an army, you see the different ranks. You look into heaven, you'll see different ranks. You'll see different positionings and placings, you'll see different realms of expression, different realms of authority and rulership, different realms of glory. We are not all equal in heaven. It helps to get hold of this concept deeply in your heart, and realise I have one life to live. Let me run it passionately. I want to say like Paul did: I have run my race. I've fought my fight. Now is laid up for me a crown; which the Lord won't just give to me, but to all who love Him passionately, and live for Him. Hallelujah! What a great day! Oh, I get inspired thinking of the greatness of what is ahead for us, and the relevance of it to what we do in our life today. I hear an Amen?

Come on, why don't we stand. Let's give the Lord a clap. Let's let our hearts engage with Him. [Clapping] Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus. Here's just a couple of questions, just as we finish with a final song. How are you doing, in your walk with God? What is happening, in your relationship with God? Is there passion, and fire, and love? Is there a hunger, and a pursuit for Him and his words? Are you spending time investing in that relationship; or have other things come in to fritter it away? Well just make a change. Repent, have a change of heart, and begin to return to Him again.

What's happening in your life in the area of kindness and generosity for people? The overflow - are you making time available, or your resources available? Is your home available; or is it just so precious, no one would ever been seen in there? Is what you have, open? If you have a heart that's open, just share it; make it available for God to work through. If you have a heart for those poor and oppressed, do you see people in need and feel moved by God to respond to that need? Only you can answer that. I believe God wants us to have a shift of heart, and spirit and passion; to get an eternal perspective; for if you fail to have that, you'll live unsatisfied with the short term, and miss on the big things.

Father, we thank you today that you are here with us today. We honour you that Lord, you have given your life for us, that you sent Jesus to die on the cross, such an incredible sacrifice. May we live a life that brings honour to Jesus. May we live it passionately, full of faith, full of love, full of desire and hunger for you and may our lives abound in generosity and goodness to the people around us. Lord, we call upon you to shift us individually, and corporately, into a greater passion in every area of our life, and living in Jesus' name - and everyone said: [Amen].

How many felt quite challenged here today? Really challenge you and some aspect of your life? Praise the Lord! We're not going to pray for you. You've just got to do something about it. Go back to Revelations 3. Do something about it, Amen?