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Pursuing Greatness and Eternal Rewards

Mike Connell

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Now we'll just try and draw this to a close now. Okay then, so some are saved, but they don't have any reward. Okay, now having said that, now I want you to see just a couple of simple scriptures about the possibility you could make it into heaven, and yet not be clothed; and Jesus' remedy for it. It's a very simple remedy. It's actually so simple I love it. You'll love it too, so just give a couple more verses, just have a little bit of patience. Revelation 16 verse 15. This is Jesus talking, and He says this, look at this: Behold, I am coming like a thief. Do thieves let you know when they're coming? No, so they just come when you don't expect; so He said: I'm coming as a thief. He isn't a thief. He's coming unexpectedly, is what He's saying; and notice what He says: Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments, otherwise he will be naked and they'll see his shame. So what He's saying - now He's writing to church people - and He's saying: blessed is he who watches. To watch is always being connected with praying, and being spiritually alive and vibrant; so be alive and vibrant in prayer, and living an active life for Christ. Then you won't lose your garments, and you won't be found naked. To be found naked, it's to be unclothed. Something is missing from your life, your clothes; and so He said: it's possible some Christians would be found naked. They get to heaven, but they don't have the reward they're entitled to - because they aren't entitled to it of course.

Revelations 3, here it is again. Now this is to the church. Look at this. I hope this doesn't apply to you, but this is to the church of Laodicea. It says: I know your works. You're neither cold nor hot; you're just lukewarm, passive, indifferent, and don't care anything about anything; and He says: you say you're rich and you're wealthy, and have need of nothing, but actually - notice what He says - now He's talking about believers: You're actually wretched and miserable, and poor and blind and naked. Naked. Naked. He's talking to believers, and saying that they are naked. What does that mean? If a believer is naked, it's got nothing to do with his physical clothing. He has not clothed his life with something. There's something missing in his life; and the keys that are in there are quite clear. It has to do with lukewarmness, passivity, indifference and compromise; and He says: that leaves you in a state where you think you're okay. I'm alright mate - but actually, from God's perspective, you're wretched and poor, and blind and naked. So we look at one another and think: well I'm doing alright. At least I turn up on Sunday and pray, you know; but that's got nothing to do with anything. It's got to do with God's evaluation of the kind of life you're living, and His counsel is to buy of me. In other words, you're going to have to do something to get what you need. You're going to have to actually exchange something, to get what you need; and we'll just get to that in a moment.

So notice there, He talks about to be naked, or to be ashamed in eternity, means that you lack a reward in eternity. He's concerned about the church. All these churches, He's talking about what's missing, so they'll adjust and repent and make a change, so they can inherit and receive what He had for them; and so He's saying there: I want you to repent. I want you to have a change of mind, change your life, change your course; because I want to clothe you with great glory and honour, but it's connected to something you should be doing right now. So then the question is, what must I do? What do I need to do? Now here it is here: I counsel you, you are wretched, poor, miserable, blind and naked spiritually. Buy from me gold, refined in the fire, that you may be rich; white garments, that you may be clothed.

Now I won't go into it all but I want to just pick out just a key thought on it here. First of all, this is a counsel of God to the church, living in an era of lukewarmness and passivity. That's God's counsel. This is Jesus' counsel. It's good to follow the counsel of God, not the other opinions of people. I found in the church, there's a lot of people have opinions. Actually they don't count for a toot. It's the opinion of God that really counts. It's the opinion of God that really counts. He says: I counsel you, if you're in that condition of lukewarmness, you need to buy from me. So what He's saying to buy, you can only get from Him; so notice He says: buy from me. Buy means - it's a word meaning - to go to the marketplace, and do trading. He said: there's a trade that will take place, for you get what I want you to have, and the only person you can get this, and do the trade with, is with Jesus Himself; so you can't come and try to do something for a person, thinking that that's what will give you good points in heaven. This is between you and Jesus, so buy from me. You can't go to a person. There's no minister can help you do this. This is something you personally do. You buy from Him. There's a trade takes place with Him.