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The Prayer of Kings (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Listen, whatever faces you, at the cross of Calvary Jesus defeated your giants. He calls you and I to arise up to the cross, see what He's done, bring to the cross those issues, and walk in the victory He's won for us. Oh my, what a great year this year - giants! So He said here's the thing is, God requires you participate. There's nothing passive in Christianity. If you want to see growth and enlargement this year, you can't be passive. You can't be passive. Let's not be passive. Let's make a decision - now here's what you need to do, set some goals. What is it you're going to accomplish? Set out a plan how you're going to do it, start to pray over it, and then look at then persevering until you can break through in that area. Quite simple isn't it aye? See, so I wonder what areas you want enlargement this year - God, that you would enlarge me.

Here's the thing that the Bible says in the New Testament. The Old Testament they wanted land; in the New Testament Jesus said this, He said: go into all the nations, preach the gospel, make disciples of nations for the church, the territory God has for every one of us, are people. People that come into your world, people that come into your area of influence, people in your work, people in your community, every person that comes in your field of influence, say: God, enlarge my territory to include that person. This year God's enlarging our territory to include millions of Muslims in Pakistan, but right here in Hastings He wants to enlarge our territory to include the people in your world, and the one who reaches them is you. Every person that comes in, God, give me access to their life. God, give me entrance to their life! Great or small, God, give me a doorway into their heart, to reach them and let them know they're loved, and I could show the love of Christ in a practical way to them. It might be just as simple as saying to them: how can I help you? What can I do for you? Is there any way I can help you, anyway I could show value on you? Just think about that this year, and increase your territory.

The last couple very simply that your hand, that's the power of God, might be with me; and the last one, that you would protect me, that you'd keep me from evil. Sin causes not only pain for us, but it causes pain for everyone else as well around us, so his prayer was God, I want to be blessed, I want blessing to flow in my life, and I'm positioning myself by my prayer in a place where You will bless me. God, I want to be enlarged. I want my influence to grow and increase. I want to have people this year, that have responded to my influence upon them. God, I want Your hand to be upon my life, I want to see Your power flowing. Listen, the Bible says: the gifts of the spirit are given to every person. If you're not flowing in it, ask yourself why. There's people here trained, and have trained, and continue to train. The big thing is whether you will stretch out and do something. You don't wait until you feel the power of God, you sometimes have just got to go step out and pray for people, see?

Father, we just thank You that this is a great year, a New Year. Father, I cry out our prayer is oh my God, that You would bless us, You would increase the blessing flow in our lives. It would flow like a river through us into our city, into our community, into our neighbourhoods, into the schools, into the hospitals, everywhere we go, everywhere we are! Give us territory. Give us influence on the lives of people, my God that the miracles of God be with us, my God that Your hand be upon us to keep us from demonic oppression, demonic assignments, and sins and temptations. My God, this year increase and enlarge us - and God grants their request. I'm believing it's going to happen this year. Why don't we stand and sing together that song: I am blessed! I am blessed! Oh I am blessed, yes, I am blessed. Every day of my life I am blessed. When I wake up in the morning, when I lay my head to rest, I am blessed, I am blessed.

Make it personal - I am blessed! Yes Lord, I am blessed. Every day of my life I am blessed, yeah! When I wake up in the morning and I lay my head to rest, I am blessed - one more time, declare it over people around you, you are blessed!