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Training your heart to see

Mike Connell

Then we have a time to pray and then we go down on the street by seven. We get back by about quarter past to half past eight and then we gather together and we talk together about the different ones that we've spoken to, if anyone has come and opened their lives to the Lord and then we pray for them, and then we pray for one another. So you'll be in a very protective situation if you would like to come and join with us. Come down and see us and we can tell you a wee bit more about it, but I know that there are many people who have been thinking they want to do this. So my advice is don't put it off. There are thousands perishing even in Hastings. Hastings has got a population of 71,000. Statistics say that three per cent go to church - that's 2000, leaves 69,000; allowing about 15,000 for little children and people unaccountable, about 15,000. That leaves about 55,000 people who don't go to church and they're on their way to hell unless we tell them.

And God has placed us here. We are here and the job that He has for us is to go out and share the gospel with people. I sometimes think that we are too easy. I think that we are running with the world too much. We've got our own amusements. Sometimes we'd rather stay at home and watch television than get out and be a bit uncomfortable for a while, to go out onto the streets. Some people say to us what about when it's cold and in the winter, you know, if it's wet? I say yes, of course we go out in the winter. I say do you stop going to work just because there's a few drops of rain? [Laughter] No. Or if you're going to go out to the movies or meet someone to have a meal at Breakers do you call it off just because it's a bit of a cold wind? Of course you don't, so why shouldn't we keep going for Jesus, even if it's cold.

[Unclear 00.17.19] Oh yes [laughter] yes. Okay, so if we don't go who will? If you and I don't get out to share, because here we are, we're so happy, we sing, shout it out, tell let the whole world know, you know, be that city of light. But we go out the door unchanged - but we can change and we're all the same. I was the same too, but yes, the Jehovah's Witnesses. Now if we don't go, who will? I'll tell you who will, the Jehovah's Witnesses will go, the Mormons will go and the Muslims will go. I was talking to a Jehovah's Witness gentleman the other night and I knew that he was Jehovah's Witness the way he chatted. We talked about some of our differences and then I said to him the same thing; I said can I ask you a question? He said yeah, of course. I said what does Jesus mean to you? He stopped and then he said well I go out every week and I do - I said no, I didn't ask you that. I said what does Jesus mean to you? And he didn't really have an answer.

I said well what are you relying on when you stand before God? He said well I've done quite a lot for Jesus like that, and I said oh, I was actually hoping you'd say that you were trusting in the blood of Jesus for your redemption. But anyway then I said to him how many of your people go out onto the street every week? He said well if a person becomes a Jehovah's Witness they understand that they've got to go out onto the streets. He said we have two churches in Hastings, one in Hastings East, one in Hastings West, and both churches send out one team every day. He said we have 14 teams going out every week. Each team has about four to five people; that's about 60 to 70 people they send out every week. I felt quite ashamed. I met a Mormon lady last night with whom I spoke and I asked the same question to her.

She said well in Hastings or in Flaxmere we've got about 20 of these young missionaries who do their two year training as missionaries with their little badges on, Elder So-and-So and Sister So-and-So. She said we've got 20 of them. I said do they have to go out every day? She said yes, they do, they go out every day. They are required to do that. Also Islam is growing in its presence on the streets, Muslims. We've met a...