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Training your heart to see

Mike Connell

It doesn't mean you ignore everything in the physical world. You have to cope with life and face life like it is. But what He's saying is there's something bigger than that that can change our physical reality. He's saying this, He's saying if you can see it it's temporary. If you can see it and touch it it's definitely temporary. Think about that - but He said if it comes from the realm of eternity, the realm of heaven, the realm of God, then it's eternal. It's tangible. It lasts forever - so you notice that whatever you purchase or own, no matter how good it is, how expensive it is, how valuable it is, I can assure you you will leave it all behind. It is definitely temporary. No matter how established you look right now it's not going to be how you'll be at the end of your life. It's like we have to face that if you can see it and touch it it's temporary, and it's subject to change. It will change, but one of the things that's important is to get our eyes on the realm of the supernatural, the realm of the spiritual.

So how are we going to do that? There are a few things you can do. Number one thing that can help you is fasting. Physical fasting on food can sharpen your sensitivity in your spirit, just sharpens you up. One of the things that if you're going to develop your capacity to see clearly and begin to experience flows of God speaking, I encourage you to fast of visual media: fast off television, fast off internet - except what's needed for work, fast off looking at stuff which could damage you or put images into your mind you can't get out. So for example we're in a culture now where all of these TVs, video games and internet, all that kind of stuff literally floods the imagination. It bypasses all your thinking, just goes straight in there and saturates you. There's a reason for that, because we're living in an hour when there's going to be the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit and there is a need for you to keep your imagination clean and clear. Otherwise you can't flow with God and the things He has for you.

You can't see His future for you. You're just flooded. It's like it's dulled out, so I have found it's quite important to at times just go right off all media to stop the dulling out of the imagination and to allow the imagination to come back alive again. So fasting is kind of like cutting off some stuff, so you've got to do a bit of cutting off. That's one thing you can do. The second thing you can do with your imagination is to cleanse your imagination. Cleansing your imagination is very important to actually stopping the invasion of unwelcome thoughts. Now all of us have unwelcome thoughts. We've got to deal with it. Some of them are images or pictures of the past. You've got to face them and consciously address them. I've found that at times when I pray, at times when I'm thinking, stuff will come that's unwelcome. So what I've learnt to do is to speak into it, to actually be quite proactive.

Don't say to it I shouldn't think that. You'll put yourself under the law and have no power to change it, because the law has no power. Just recognise if there's an unwelcome image coming into your imagination, it's a spiritual pressure coming on you to defile you and it needs a spiritual response. Quite simple? So a spiritual response is if it's an old picture and it's a haunting; suppose you're a male and you've been involved in sexual relationships and so a picture of something comes back and it's in a previous experience, it just keeps coming back to you. You actually have to cut your attachment to it, so just instead of trying to say I shouldn't think that, just look at that picture: In Jesus' name I repent totally of that. I reject that picture. I cut off all attachments in my soul to it.

Father, I just paint it over with the blood of Jesus Christ and I curse the thought tree that allows it to stay established within my life - because physically and chemically, if you keep repeating your thoughts you form in your brain chemical thought trees. It's as simple as that and that's why I think it's quite interesting that Jesus when He was teaching about faith, that the illustration He used was He cursed the fig tree and said don't bring forth fruit anymore. And the tree died or withered. Now I was thinking the other day and wondering whether Jesus knew well ahead about the fact that scientifically in the 21st Century we'd discover that the way your brain works is that there's neuron thought trees and they just grow, and if they're bad thoughts then they're toxic trees and if they're good thoughts they're quite healthy trees. [I think time just can 00.43.29] show that.