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War a Good Warfare

Mike Connell

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The second thing he says is, let's make a breach in there. To make a breach means: to break a way through into their life, so the second strategy the enemy will use against you is this. He will try and tempt you to do something, to get rid of the pain and the stress you feel. Go have a drink, you need a drink. You deserve a drink. Now have another one. No, you can still feel the pain. Have another one - go on, keep drinking. So you'll find, that the devil will always find a way to bring pressure on you, to do one thing: to go contrary to God's way of getting through problems.

God has got an answer for your life. He's got a way through for you. You've got to look to Him, and seize it. So number one, if you're feeling intimidated in your life, realise you're facing a growth challenge in your life. No one gets through life without challenges of intimidation. Number one, it's a growth opportunity; two, behind it, there's a spiritual pressure on you; three, the temptation will be, to try and find a way of escape to just comfort. In other words to run away from the problem, instead of turning to God in the middle of it. So let me ask you this: are you experiencing feelings of being intimidated, overwhelmed at this time? You have got an opportunity in front of you to grow. Are you feeling that you're constantly going away to find some comfort, watching too much television, burying yourself in some distraction, getting involved in games, starting to drink, and do all kinds of stuff to try and feel better? Then you're going down the path, where a breach is being made in your life, so you can be brought into a place of defeat.

And notice the last thing that He said that they tried to do. He said: we'll set a King over them; so the goal the devil has is to bring you into bondage. To have a King over you, other than Christ, means you are now held in some area of your life in some grip of a problem. So when a person's addicted to nicotine, they've got another King in their life. It's nicotine. Why? Because as soon as you got stress, where do you go? Go to nicotine, or if alcohol's a problem in your life, where are you going? You've got another King over you. It's called alcohol. Maybe it's called drugs, or maybe its called sex, or maybe it's called some other kind of thing. The devil wants to intimidate you, so you don't see you're a winner, and see what God wants to do through you; two, he wants to create a breach in your life, so you begin to find a way from God, and a way out of the problem and try and get the pain off you; but thirdly, he wants to just establish a bondage in your life. Now let me ask you this: how many of you got intimidated, and went to some false comfort, and are now in bondage? That's the strategy. That's the thing God wants to help you out of.

I want to show you what the solution is, and what He tells in here. See a prophet comes. He gets a word from God. When you're in trouble, you need to be listening to God. And this is what the word of God was, in Verse 4: take heed, or take care. Be still, and don't be afraid or faint-hearted. Take care, be still, don't be afraid, don't be faint-hearted. Verse 7, with us says the Lord God, it'll not stand, it'll not come to pass. How about that? So what He's saying is this. He's saying when you're facing problems, don't allow intimidation to get you disturbed, but become still in your heart, knowing it has no power to defeat you, except what you give it. The devil has no power to defeat you, unless you agree with him. In 1 Peter 5, He said: this is what you need to do, you need to make a stand; and the stand we make is: I know I'm feeling this, I know there's pressures around my life, but what does God have to say about me, and about the situation? We need to look to what God says.