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War a Good Warfare

Mike Connell

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Here's what I realised in talking to them, that while they were in that place of pressure, their mind and emotions were so overwhelmed, they didn't realise they were listening to the wrong voice. They were intimidated. Satan prowls like a lion to intimidate you. Are you being intimidated? Are you trying to find a false comfort? This girl tried to take this false comfort, took pills thinking - get this - thinking that my torment will stop if I die. It doesn't. It goes on forever. It's a horrendous thing. It doesn't stop. The pills don't stop it. They just permanently set in place where you already are, for eternity. Think about that, see, and so we realise then, intimidation; the devil tries to find a way of escape for you, offers you a way out, offers you something that'll breach you, and give him grounds to bring you into bondage.

Jesus says do this; He says: take a stand and resist. This is your life, your destiny. Don't roll over and give up. You can win. You can do it. I'm with you. I've overcome, I'm in you, I'm going to help you. Number one, make a stand to resist. Stand up and fight. Don't be a sissy on the inside. You've got the roar of the lion, the true lion, the lion of Judah inside you; so learn to stand up, and you learn to stand up by getting in praying every day strongly, and starting to build your spirit man. Secondly, get a hold of what God says about you. Get the word of God, and begin to hold that word over your life, over your circumstance, over your situation. I guarantee whatever's pressing you will yield. It will yield - maybe not straight away, but it will yield; and once it's yielded, you'll be stronger, you'll be more mature, you'll have grown up. You'll be established, and you'll know for sure, actually God is with me, God helps me, God gets me through the issues of life.

So what is it that's challenging you? It's time you warred a good warfare. If you've had a word of prophecy over your life, that word of prophecy is a part of divine destiny, to get you where you've got to go; and you need it as a weapon of war, so when doubts come, when fears come, when life seems to be all over you, and you can't seem to find a way through, I know God said this about me! And you hold on to what God says. Jesus used the word of God as a weapon. Paul wrote that it was a sword of the spirit. We need to take seriously, God's word is the way we can walk through these issues and problems of life.

When we close our eyes right now, Father, I just thank you for your presence here tonight, and I thank you Lord you want to help people. You want to help people who are struggling. I wonder is there any person here, and you've come tonight, and you're not even connected to Jesus Christ. You haven't made the first step of becoming a Christian yet, but you really want to. A Christian is a person who's given their life to Christ, they become a follower of Jesus Christ. This is the problem that we face. The Bible says: all have sinned, and all of us are struggling with life, because we're disconnected from God. Jesus came to announce that there's a kingdom, there's a different life we can live in the kingdom of God, and that takes place freely as we just turn away from sin, and receive Him. Whoever receives Him, becomes a child of God. We immediately come into a whole new realm of life and experience. We change on the inside - but it requires a step of commitment. Everything in life, it takes a step of commitment; and perhaps there's someone here tonight, and you've never made that first step of commitment. I'd love to pray for you to receive Jesus Christ, to become a Christian.