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Cleansing the Imagination (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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I want to just give you some of the weapons that you use now. Now many times what happens is a thought comes into our mind and we begin to start to go along that thought. Now it can be a thought of a situation, it can be some kind of picture, mental picture you get. Maybe it's some unclean thing, maybe it's some memory that you've had in the past, some kind of thing, but pictures come in the mind. How many have had pictures come in the mind? How many have had them come when you're worshipping God? Most foul things come when you worship God sometimes, because you're engaging in warfare and they come - firstly the thought comes to fill your mind. Then secondly, straight after that comes an accusation: well what kind of grubby Christian are you thinking that? Here you are worshipping. You're a hypocrite! [Laughter] I'm a hypocrite. I think I should come up in the altar call. No, you shouldn't. You should need to get a hold of your mind and don't let your mind get dominated like that! Recognise it happens to everyone, no exceptions. No exceptions.

There are times when unpleasant, tormenting, invading thoughts come in at the least convenient time, and you have to wage a war against them. Now most people say something like this: I shouldn't think that. I shouldn't think that. I shouldn't think that. Ooh, I'm thinking that. Ooh, I shouldn't think that - no, no, no. I mustn't think that! Ooh, I'm thinking that. I mustn't think that. Ooh, ooh there's something attractive about the thing - and you find before you know it you're dreaming that you've gone down that route. How many have found that? Because you're tackling it the wrong way. You know if I put a sign up there, wet paint, do not touch, then walk out and leave you here, leave you here alone, do you know what's going to happen? You'll be able to see that thing. You'll see it, you'll touch it. [Laughter] If I had a box here, a big box, do not open, secret, and just left you here [laughter] it's absolutely certain the majority of people will become obsessed with the box. [Laughter] The whole room, all these things in here, but the box will be the thing they'll be obsessed about.

Do you know why? Because there's a law and laws do not bring freedom. They just point out you've got sin operates in your life. The more you at that thing don't do it, the more you want to do it. I shouldn't - but I want to! I shouldn't - I want to! Oh, I will! [Laughter] Sorry Lord, I won't do it again. [Laughter] What goes on? You're not going to win that way. How many know that you didn't win that way? You've never won that way, because the [law's 00.26.06] got no power to set you free. The Bible says our weapons of our warfare are not carnal, they are MIGHTY THROUGH GOD! So that means God has given us weapons. You have to use them, but you have to depend on the Holy Spirit for it to work, so there's got to be a faith element behind what you do. So here's one of the things you can do. When you've got unclean and unpleasant pictures come up in your mind, instead of actually saying I shouldn't think on that look at the thought and take the blood of Jesus Christ. The Bible says the blood of Jesus is one of our weapons of warfare.

The blood of Jesus speaks, so take the blood of Jesus Christ, mentally roller it over the whole thing until that picture has now been overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ. All you're seeing is the blood on that thing now, and every time it tries to get light back again instead of saying I'm not going to think that, you just begin to apply the blood over it until that picture vanishes. And what you do instead of trying to stop the picture appearing, you allow the picture to be there and you paint over it. You use your imagination. You use the blood of Jesus Christ, see it demolish that thing: By faith I demolish that picture now! Yes! You will be amazed how doing that will just cause the picture to vanish. It just causes it to vanish just like that. The Bible says we overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb, Revelations 12:11, and the word of our testimony. So applying the blood to unpleasant images really does shift them. It really shifts them and it shifts them real quick.