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Cleansing the Imagination (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Instead of being dragged away by temptation and vain imaginations into rejection and self-pity and depression, all that kind of thing, do something! Just DO SOMETHING because the weapons of our warfare, they are not carnal. They are mighty through God, mighty through God, mighty through God [applause] and you pull down that thing that came against you! Tear it down! Tear it down! Tear it down! If you suffer from rejection tear it down! Tear it down! Tear it down! Wage war on it, tear the thing down. Tear it down! How are you going to tear it down? Hold the blood over it. Speak the word of God over it! Praise the Lord in the midst of it! Redirect your attention somewhere else. You can do it. You're called to do it. You need to do it. Your future depends on it and ours does too, because we need you to break through. We need you to break through so you will influence the people God called you to influence.

We need you to break through inferiority, passivity, poverty thinking, rejection thinking, self-pity thinking, victim thinking, fear thinking. We've got to break through those things. You have to assert yourself to break through them and use the weapons God gave you. Jesus didn't leave us defenceless you know. Hey, I love this. He said don't be afraid of what's in the world, I've overcome the world. I'm with you. I'll help you. I'm here to help you advance the kingdom. As the Father sent Me I am sending you. As the Father sent Me, you're a sent person. You need to understand that about yourself. Well you say I don't feel sent, nobody sent me to the mission field. Listen, the moment you walk through that door you're in your mission field. The Father has sent you. You are sent. You are on assignment from God, an answer to someone's problem. It's your job to discover the assignment and to position yourself so you can have influence. That's your job. My job is to help you to do it. Your job's to do it.

I wonder what it is that you have yielded to, what fantasy has attracted you away from boldly standing up and fulfilling the call of God? That thing you need to come today and repent of it, but we need to break the power of your agreement with that demonic thing. Whatever thought, what imagination has been around your life that's afflicted you, that's held you in bondage, you know what it is. Why don't you say today I'm not putting up with it any more. Today I'm going to begin to enter the warfare for my mind and my life.

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