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The Holy Spirit & the Will of God (7 of 7)

Mike Connell

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For some people there's just a demonic block, a demonic thing, and you're yielding to the demon, rather than yielding to the Holy Ghost. Man, we need to have a whole lot of Christians that are pumped up and going. I saw it last night, I was at the party. I saw what some of you were like. I watched you on the stage last night dressed up, what you were like, and then I watch you this morning [Laughter] How can wearing a few clothes make you suddenly become free? What on earth did it shift in you? Why don't you just shift that every day? Just shift that every day? Just shift that - that's what the Holy Ghost came to do, so you could [Prays in tongues] Halleluiah! We need to pray in the Holy Ghost, start presenting your body to the Lord. You know, that's the whole thing. Start, present your body to the Lord. When we're up there and we're dancing - I saw people up there doing the hokey tokey last night. [Laughter] I watched. It's like these quiet church people, like a group of mad hooligans [Laughter] just grabbed hands, and they ran at Lyn! More hokey tokey tokey! I thought this is brilliant - now why can't you do that in church? [Laughter]

See, it's actually just, you just made a decision to let go of inhibitions, and to express fun, because we're made for that, but that's what the Holy Ghost has given, not to make us more religious, not to make us ooh, deeply spiritual... No, no, no! Get you full of life so you're uninhibited, and don't need a drink or a party. You can actually be happy, and people say why are you happy? What's going on? Have you been drinking or something? Yeah. What kind? That's right, that's right - I've got the Holy Ghost, got the Holy Ghost! God gave me the Holy Ghost! I'm full of the Holy Ghost, oh oh! I'm feeling the spirit of God right now. Come on over here quick and let's just - quick, someone to catch them, they'll fall over for sure - I'm so full of the Holy Ghost! [Laughter] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait [Laughter]

Lift your hands up, just lift both hands up there like you have a good drink - are you ready? Drunk in the Holy Ghost! Fill him Lord! Ready? Power of the Holy Ghost! Just come around - Holy Ghost, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, drunk, full of laughter, Holy Ghost, quick! Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. Are you ready? Come on, touch her, quick! She's going to stagger full of - she's a drunk woman, drunk in the Holy Ghost, filled with the Holy Spirit, whoa! Full of the Holy Ghost. See, we need a lot more of that don't we Jill? Come on Jill, come on out here, quick, have a good drink. Why don't you reach up - now listen, someone get behind her quick, begin to pray in tongues. Pray in tongues. [Prays in tongues] Holy Ghost - see, she's already getting full of the Holy Ghost. See, the Holy Ghost is here. The Holy Ghost is here, so you've got to stir up the gift inside you.