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The Holy Spirit & the Will of God (7 of 7)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

1. Introduction
We are made for God’s pleasure – not all about me, my personal fulfilment.
Great trend in the West towards self idolatry – all about me and what I want.
Fuelled by demand for everything now – instant coffee, communication, answers.
Without cause to live for the Next Generation: How can I get ahead? Loyal only to self.
Bring that mentality into the church: What can I get? How can you get me ahead?
· Paul wrote 2 Tim.3:1 Perilous times = 5467 = Hard to deal with, difficult, dangerous.
2 Tim.3:1-7 Lovers of pleasure – form of godliness.

2. Following Desires can head to Failure
e.g. People in the Bible who followed desire of heart and ended with disaster:

Gen. 3:6 – Eve
Gen. 16 – Abraham and Hagar
1 Sam.12:13 – Israel and Saul
2 Chron.26:16 – Uzziah and priesthood
2 Chron.35:22 – Josiah and battle
1 K.22:32 – Jehosophat and battle
2. K 5:20 – Gehazi and money
Mk.1:35 – Disciples and revival
Mt.16:22 – Peter and Jesus purpose
2 Sam.7:4 – David and House of God

- All had desires, good ideas that they pursued – in conflict with the will of God.
- Did not recognise the will of God – clouded by personal desires for fulfilment.

e.g. Jesus

Mk.14:32 “Father all things are possible with you – take away this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will…” (desire, determine, be inclined towards)

3. God Wants You to know His Will
· Eph.5:15-18 “Be not unwise but understand what the Will of the Lord is…”
· Unwise = NT878 = to be mindless, ignorant, acting recklessly.
· Understand = NT4920 = to comprehend, have insight into, come into ones mind.
· How can I find the Will of God? (Col.1:9 “…filled with the knowledge of His Will”)
(i) Word of God … principles and instructions.
(ii) Counsel of experienced godly men (Prov.12:15 .. hearken to counsel is wise)
· Many areas need to make decisions – no reference to it in the Bible. E.g. Where to work? Where to live? Who to marry?

4. God Helps us to know His Will

a) Phil.2:13 “It is God that works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure”
· Will = 2309= to desire, to will, to purpose, to determine.
· Works =NT1754= energeo = to be active, effective, put forth supernatural ability.
· Do =NT1754= energeo = to do, be active.
· God is at work within you – He has put something in you to help.
· There is a power that works within us (Eph.3:20) to help us.
b) Rom.8:26 “The Spirit helps us with our infirmities for we don’t know what to pray.
· The work of the Holy Spirit is to help us.
· Help =4878= to take hold together with, to help in obtaining, participate with.
· Infirmities =NT769= weakness, to have not enough strength.
· Groaning =4726= to sigh = deep expressions of Holy Spirit with us interceding.
e.g. Jesus: Mk.7:34 Looking up to heaven He sighed – man healed.
Mk.3:12 Sighed deeply in His Spirit – left Pharisees.

5. The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Will of God

a) Eph.5:17-20 “Be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Spirit.”
· Context = knowing the Will of God
· Drunk = NT3182= Meth uskoo = intoxicate, under the influence of alcohol.
= subject senses and mind and emotions to influence of alcohol.
= deaden and dulls pain, deadens senses to cope with life.
· Filled with the Holy Spirit = come under the influence of the Spirit and Word of God.
= subject senses and mind and emotions to another influence.
= Present your body, life, soul, to Holy Spirit and to the Word of God.
· Speaking to yourselves = overflow of the Holy Spirit operating.
· Note: Spiritual songs, thanksgiving – as much as you like.

b) 1 Cor.14:14-19
· Speaking in tongues = spirit is praying, Holy Spirit is imparting to spirit.
· You speak – Holy Spirit takes hold with you and imparts to your spirit.
· You open the part of your spirit where God connects/communicates.
· E.g. pray in tongues – stop – words keep flowing into your mind.
· Revelation of God’s will comes the same way.
· Vs.2 Speak mysteries =mystery= hidden purpose and plans of God to advance His Kingdom in and through you.
· As you speak in tongues you speak forth the purpose of God. You strengthen and energise your spirit.
· Listen with spiritual ears to the overflow – words/pictures.
· Rom.12:1-2 presenting body and soul to the Lord – yielding to the Holy Spirit so you can hear instruction from the Spirit of God = surrender to Him.
· In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus yielded to the will of God then prayed to bring forth that will.
· 1 Cor.2:12 we have received the spirit of God that we might know.

· Commit to Praying in Tongues daily, strongly to develop spiritually.