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It's hard work looking good. It's real hard work having an image. Why don't you just come to the Lord and He'll just receive you. The Bible says everyone who comes to Jesus Christ, who puts their trust in Him, believes in Him, receives Him as their Saviour, He welcomes them. He's your friend, but you can make Him your friend by acknowledging what He's done and committing your life to Him. Is there any person here today, you say I want to give my life to Jesus, want to become a Christian? Why don't you raise your hand right now, just let me know, I want to become a Christian, I want to give my life to Jesus. Anyone here, put your hand up, say man this is my day, I want to give my life to Jesus. Is there anyone here who'll give their life to Jesus, ready, right at that point? I wonder if there are other people here today and you're wrestling with this performance orientation. If you were to be honest you'd say man, this is me. This is me! I've got a problem in my life.

I wonder if you'd just acknowledge it before God today, say Lord, You're speaking to me. Too much of my identity is attached to what I do. I get insecure when people give me feedback. I get upset when they talk about things I've done. I just am watching all the time what others are going through and what's happened to them and comparing myself. I've got all these things going on inside me Lord, and I need to repent of that whole framework and belief system and begin to renew my mind. If that's you why don't you just raise your hand, say God's speaking to me today. God bless, many hands going up, many hands. Many hands, many hands. Remember what the keys are. The first step is recognising it; second is repenting, just repenting of the belief system. Third is letting go the resentment and anger and forgiving people. The final one is that you've got to learn to embrace the word of God.

I'm going to share that in another session, how to get God's word around your heart and begin to establish your identity soundly, strongly, in who I am in Christ. I am a child of God. I am the servant of the Lord. I am an ambassador of Christ. I am a new creation. I am holy - and then we need to learn to live [up. 00.43.07] Father, I thank You for each one that's responded. Father, let there be right now in Jesus' name, I speak and I break that spirit of fear and control that dominates their life. I break the power of that orientation around their life to try and perform to get approval. Father, I ask for the power of Your Spirit to come around each one and to begin to shift them so they can be free to be who they are, able to be spontaneous, able to love and to receive love, able to give and receive gifts, able to enjoy the journey because they're secure in who they are.

And Jesus we give You all the honour and all the glory. We thank You, You've welcomed us. We thank You, we don't have to listen to that Pharisee spirit. We don't have to listen to that accusing, blaming, self-righteous spirit. We don't have to tolerate it in any way! We can be ourselves, oh ho ho ho! Thank You Lord. Thank You for Your goodness. You say amen to that. [Amen] Come on, let's give the Lord a great clap! Whoa! [Applause] Come on, let's stand up, let's celebrate. This God we serve is a great God! [Music to end] Halleluiah!

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