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Mike Connell

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The Pharisees were full of performance orientation because their identity, I am a godly man because I do all these good things. Actually the truth is I'm a godly man because I trusted in Jesus Christ. If any man is in Christ he's a new creation! So I'm a new creation! Well I still do some goofy things. Well that doesn't mean I'm a goofy person. It just means I haven't yet grown up into the fullness of the identity I have in Christ. I'm a generous person because God is a generous God! Generosity's in me. I'm a bit mean and miserable sometimes. That means I just haven't grown up into the fullness of what God has of abundance of generosity, because I've got some fears and brokenness and damage I need to sort out. Well I am holy! You don't look holy to me. [Laughter] I know you're not holy, I saw what you did. [Laughter] That wasn't a holy thing at all. You're right, but I am holy because God is holy and I'm in His image. I'm just learning to live up to it.

Thank you for pointing out [laughter] but I'm still holy - not because of that thing but because God says it. He says be holy, He doesn't say do holy things. Do lots of holy things and you'll be a holy person. He says you are holy, now live up to it! Spirit of holiness is in your life, let the spirit of God begin to identify with the new man you are! In 2 Corinthians 5:17, any man who's in Christ, he is a new creation. That's what it means to be born again! You're sinning, you're living a life without God, you're struggling, victim mentality - oh, poor me! Poor me! Oh there's so many bad things, always bad things. And then you - performance, I've got to do things to be accepted. Then you come to Christ; what have I got to do to be saved? Repent and believe! There must be more to it than that? No, religion's more to it than that. This is what Christianity is. Repent and believe! Now be baptised! Why do I need to get baptised? Because you need to acknowledge the realities of what's happened in you.

Your old identity, your sin in living without God finish. Now you rise up and you get immersed in the Holy Ghost. You've got a new life you're living and you know what? We called a new name on you. We called on you the name of Christ. You are a Christian, a Christ follower. Live up to it! Live up to it! So now I have to discover who I am and begin to live that life - so what's happening while I'm discovering? I have all kinds of things go wrong on the way, all kinds of immaturity, all kinds of mistakes, all kinds of failures. It doesn't matter, because God said it's okay and made provision for all of those. You're a believer and a Christian not because of those things happening or not happening. It's because I've already given you the gift of love. Now I want you to discover who you are. Who are you? Who are you now? I don't know who I am, I think I'm a failure still.

Why do you think you're a failure? Well I look at all this stuff. Listen, learn how to walk with the Spirit, walk in the principles of God and your life will be surrounded. You're already a success. God designed you for success. Start saying it; I'm a success in life. I'm a success because of one thing. I've discovered the God who made me and I'm linked to Him for eternity. I don't worry about what you think about my life. I'm only concerned about what God is saying about my life and if you're speaking on His behalf then I'm really concerned. Getting the idea? So what does God say? He says I'm generous. I'm holy. I'm a child of God. What does that mean? I need to understand what that means and live it. Then when you go out I'm an ambassador, [well that sounds 00.35.20] important. Now you see before I was thinking I'm a victim. Now God says no, you're an over comer. But I don't feel like an over comer.

It's not about what you feel. But look, I've got things going wrong. It's not about what's happening around you. I HAVE MADE YOU THAT! BELIEVE IT! STAND UP and learn how to live in it and get rid of the junky thinking inside. Start to live out what I've called you to become! As you walk in the Spirit and as you begin to express what I'm like, then it establishes your identity who you are. Otherwise you just live out of the old and you're trying hard to be new, and that's where so many believers live in defeat. They're trying to be a better person. You're trying to do God's work for Him. He didn't tell you to be a better person, He said I made you a better person, believe it. Live it. I made you generous. Well I don't - I'm not - well that's because you've got some bondages in your life, but that's not who you are. In fact have you noticed that when you're like that and your money's tight and you can't [unclear 00.36.27], have you noticed how miserable you are and how closed up you are and your life is not so good?