Freedom Conference

Mike Connell

Freedom Conference

Freedom Conference

Too many Christians limp through life, carrying things from their past that Jesus has set you free from. Too many believers struggle with addictions, habits, fears, phobias and infirmities carried over from a life before Christ.

Its time to break through into FREEDOM, its time to deal with the devil defeated, its time to walk into the fullness of the new life Christ purchased for you on the cross.

“For this purpose the son of God was manifest to destroy the works of the devil” 1 John 3:8

Pastor Mike Connell has a powerful international deliverance ministry. He is in demand all over the world and operates in this dimension like few other people I have ever seen. Too many Christians put up with stuff that Jesus has set us free from.

Stop struggling, stop justifying, stop rationalizing and make the decision enough is enough- freedom is mine, that’s why Jesus died on the cross... To purchase my freedom! Its yours- stop allowing the enemy to steal it from you.

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Powerful demonstration of the Deliverance Ministry at a 4-day conference in San Diego, based around a detailed explanation the Biblical foundations. This is an important commission for all believers to understand and experience. Mike Connell has a wealth of experience and understanding in this area, and provides exciting teaching and demonstrations.

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You've got an issue. Your issue's unforgiveness. It's YOUR issue. You've got to deal with it and people - but that's not fair! So unfair! And so we say we have to forgive - that's unfair, you know, because we're locked in self-pity and locked in the issue of injustice. We're not willing to bring injustice to the cross and move on, so we've got a key to all freedom.

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Pastor Joy shares a personal trauma, and how that has negatively impacted her many years later, and then how she found freedom from that.
Pastor Mike then teaches on a list of areas that can give spirits access to our life, such as: Trauma, Abuse, Soul Ties, Controlling Relationships, having a Death Wish, making Inner Vows, curses and agreement with words spoke over our lives, burdens of responsibility, and secrecy pacts.

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Honour your father and mother - the first of the ten commandments that comes with a promise. It's unusual because it carries a blessing that God has described and notice the blessing is in two parts. It says that it will be well with you and you'll live long on the earth. Now the implication in that is if you violate that commandment by dishonouring your mother and your father it will affect your physical health, it'll affect your life expectancy and it will affect your life will not go well for you.