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Mike Connell

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Freedom Conference (1 of 4) Powerful demonstration of the Deliverance Ministry at a 4-day conference in San Diego, based around a detailed explanation the Biblical foundations. This is an important commission for all believers to understand and experience. Mike Connell has a wealth of experience and understanding in this area, and provides exciting teaching and demonstrations.
We're just looking forward to what God will do, so just a few things, just a few practical things and people coming tonight, some of you will have no idea. You've just come because someone told you to come and kept asking until you said yes. And then you're sitting thinking, I wonder why I'm here [laughs] and what might happen, and some of you will be thinking well, when's the exorcism begin! [Laughter/applause] so there'll be all kinds of thoughts about different things.

So the first thing to realise is our journey into freedom and wholeness, it's a journey, it's a process, not just a one off. So if you're just looking for a one off, I think you won't get what you're looking for, but if you just say God, I'm opening my life this weekend in a whole new way, I'm expecting to come and receive, Lord just begin to speak to me, and what I will believe will happen is God will help you where you are. And the second thing is that the things that are supernatural are not necessarily spectacular, so don't look for the spectacular. Just look for God to come and touch you and help you in some way, and someone next to you may be spectacular and spin around and fall on the ground and scream and yell and all that, but it doesn't have to be you, okay? It'd be good if it was you though. I would really like that. I like it when it gets action packed and there's a lot of stuff happens, but it doesn't need to.

You don't have to have any major manifestations to get set free. So during the time of sharing - I always want to lay a word foundation so you have understanding about what's happening, otherwise you have an experience with a little understanding of what's going on, and the part you play in it, so for example we know Jesus died for every person in the world, but there's a part that we have to play in order to get saved.

And so we know that on the cross, Jesus paid the price for every person to be forgiven, but to be forgiven there's a part you play in the process. It's not just like, you know, if God was going to save everyone, they'd all be saved now - so there's the need for people to hear the word of God, for faith to arise, and a response to be made. Jesus constantly said, according to your faith, there to be done to you. So coming tonight, you'll be in different levels of faith, different levels of expectancy, and that's okay to be where you are, and I just encourage you to just take the next step, whatever that happens to be for you, in your journey into freedom.

Now when we're sharing and what'll happen is, there's a flow of anointing starts to come, and you may start to find yourself feeling uncomfortable, so spirits can manifest anytime in a meeting, and I'm never sure when they will, or whether they will, or what. I just never know. It's one of the great unknowns, and I actually love it when it happens, but sometimes it happens and suddenly something will - someone will begin to - the spirit that's in them will begin to manifest it's presence, because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and they may not have known that they had a spirit. They may never have realised that, and then suddenly they find that there's something happening in their body that they've got no control over, or little control over.

So if you experience something like that, or something like that happens, like for example I had one meeting in Singapore, I was up there. I just started to talk about the Holy Spirit - I hadn't even got preaching - started to just talk about the Holy Spirit and the cleaner walked in, and she walked in up the top there, and she had a broom in her hand, and she just shook her fist at me; said why you come here? Why you do this to me? And I'm thinking woo! I'm only just barely getting started - but she was actually - the spirit was manifesting, and so sometimes we have that, and that's why I love going up to Asia, I have a lot of that happen up there [Laughter] but sometimes in the atmosphere of the presence of God, spirits will manifest. I'm going to show you a story in the ministry of Jesus where exactly this happened, so you realise it's not just some wild thing or something stirred up. It's actually something that's in the Bible, and so when spirits manifest - if I was to ask, have you got a demon, you'd probably say no, because demons don't normally come in and announce I'm here! You know, they don't sort of do that you know. They come in by stealth, and the kingdom of God, the kingdom of God's a kingdom of light. We know who we are opening our life to. We know the Holy Spirit's the one coming in, where it's a kingdom of light.