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Gods Word Works In You (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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People just forget it all the time. We just keep forgetting it. Think of all the miracles - they were all done when Jesus spoke a word. Jesus spoke something, and in the speaking forth that miracles are release. That's why, when you come into church, come into a gathering, one thing we need to be, is vocal. I need to give voice to my praise! I may not have a very good voice, I may have a hopeless song to sing, but there are enough people who will drown it all out, and I won't worry anyway. I'll get a new voice in heaven. Don't worry about it. I'd rather you sang or clapped or did something to exalt God.

Then finally, what must I do, to put this word into action? In other words, begin to ponder: if I really believe that word, how would I be operating in my life that is different now? What would I do, that would be different?

So take one area of your life; search God for a word on it; meditate, memorise the scripture, begin to meditate in it, begin to pray in it, begin to see what it would be like in your life. Speak it out over your life, and then walk out day after day, just doing that one thing that would make your life different. You'll find changes start to take place. They will take place, and you will find: oh my! The word of God does energise me - because when problems come, the word will come up that you've memorised. When a difficulty comes up, the word of God comes up, back into your mind, and if you'll give voice to it, you feel the energy come again.

There is nothing like the word of God to energise the spiritual man. The word energises your spirit, and when you are strong in your spirit, you prevail over the stuff in your soul, and your emotions, and your thoughts and your mind; because the life of God is inside you. Amen! Don't you just love the word of God?

Jesus said: heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away! His word! Mary said: be it done to me, according to your word. Peter said: and nevertheless, at your word I will lower the nets; and he saw a miracle. See, get the word into your life.

Here's the thing; listening will not get the word into your life, not just that by itself. You've got to do something. Let's just arise in our hearts, say: I'm going to get into the word of God, I'm going to start to give myself to it.

Listen, just before we finish, there may be someone here who doesn't know Jesus Christ. This would be a great day for you to get saved, a great day for you to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We'd love you to come up after the service and talk with us, or talk with someone near to you about what it means to follow Christ, to walk with Him, have a life connected to God and with purpose in your life. We'd love you to know how to do that, but church, why don't we arise? Why don't we arise, and let's magnify God together. Bless the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord oh my soul. He'll forgive all your inequities, and He'll draw you to victory.