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Gods Word Works In You (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Then the next thing that comes in: oh, someone else needs to hear that one. Man, I know they need to hear that, I must get them that tape. And actually, God's drawn your attention to it, because He wants first of all for you to consider: are you the one murmuring and complaining, and negatively talking?

Now faith is in your heart. I've worked for, and with, and under, the most outrageous people. I've always believed that God could do some good in the middle of it all. It's all about keeping your attitudes right. It's only about attitudes.

Third thing you notice is they started to blame; they had to find someone to blame. If you hear someone blaming, they're in unbelief, I'll tell you right now. A person who's blaming someone else for their misery and problems, is a person who's not trusting that God is sufficient for them, to help them arise and win the victory in it.

Then finally, they drew back. They started to build walls and defences, and drew back from the path of journeying forward with God. Well that's a whole story just of its own, but I don't want to focus there. I want to focus on building the word of God in your life.

Now have a look in Verse 9, at the contrasting attitude of Caleb. Whoa, look at this! He said: don't rebel against the Lord. Don't fear the people of the land. They are our bread. Their protection is gone from them, and the Lord is with us. Don't fear them!

So a person who's got faith in their heart, has got confidence that if God has said: I can do this; then He's going to give us something, it will come about. The fact that there's a giant is there is an inconvenience.

It's a temporary obstacle, and He calls it, or redefines the giant. He redefines it as a Big Mac. Whatever giant you're facing is a Big Mac. It's there for you to eat, and grow on.

He said: these giants are bread for us. They're just actually an opportunity for us to grow, because they look much, but their power is gone. God is with us. They look much, but their power is gone. That problem looks great, but the devil's power is broken! God is with you! God is with you!

I will never leave you, not forsake you; as the word says. If I was to meditate: God never leaves me or forsakes me, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead is in me - my spirit rises with great strength. That's what the word says. We need the word in our life.

So how am I going to get the word into my heart? Let me give you some simple keys. It's not enough just to read it. You've got to build it, and incorporate it, into your life. That's why, if you're an internet scanner, you'll be full of information, but not much substance. You've got to actually slow down the pace, and focus on applying one thing at a time into your life.

Things in the kingdom take place one step at a time. There's no being swamped with information. One conference a year is about enough for me, because if I were to apply what I've learnt, it'll take me the rest of the year to do it. If you go from this one to this one, then another one, all you've got is this big high; but at end of the year, there's not a lot built. This is what is going on. We're living in an information age, and people are buzzed out, and overwhelmed with information.

If I was to ask you simply this: what two things are you currently working on in your life with God, believing Him for breakthrough? If you can't say anything, then you're not in faith, because you need some giant or challenge to apply the word of God, and stretch your faith over to defeat. That's what ensures you're in faith.