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Changing what you Believe (5 of 6)

Mike Connell

If I believe there's not enough to go round for me, so suppose I was the last in a big family, wasn't much to go around for me and here I am and I'm thinking there's not much for me; now when it comes to God, you know what? I'll be thinking there's not much for me. Everyone else gets blessed but there's not much for me - and it reflects how you run your life, so I need to actually have that God has an abundant generosity to me. I've got to change the belief and we can't change beliefs just by getting delivered of a demon. You change beliefs by uncovering what you really believe to be true. You'll talk it. At some point you'll say it. It'll be seen in the way you run your life. People can say I trust God with my finances, then I'll look how they run their finances - it's not true, you don't trust God at all. You actually trust yourself and you're impoverished and you're in fear of failure in this area. That's why the thing's covered and secretive, you're ashamed of it. Whatever you're ashamed of you cover.

In covering it you're hiding it and it's got no power, but if I can actually bring it to the light - a lot of husbands and wives struggle in their marriage in this area of finances. They have wrong beliefs about finances and then it's covered over the finances, then there's division between them on finances. To get this thing right you've got to deal to the heart belief system, not just change the outward behaviours. There should be openness and transparency see, because that's the fruit of being unashamed now, it's out in the open. You've all gone real quiet now. [Laughs] Okay, let me just finish. We'll just share with you - I'll just give you the scriptures for some of those things and then I'll just finish up. I just want to pray for one person and so here it is.

So God loves me, 1 John 4, Verses 7 to 10, I am loved by God. I am loved by God. He has made me accepted. I'm accepted. Ephesians 1, 3 to 6, God is good. Romans 8, 15 to 17 and Exodus 33:6, I'm a unique ambassador, 2 Corinthians 5:17 and 20.

Okay then, so I need to get this into my heart: I'm unique. I'm unique. I'm made to represent God with my gifts, with my life and I can walk with God. I don't have to copy, don't have to copy. I can be original! See? Otherwise you're comparing all the time. You compare what you earn, you compare what someone else has got, compare this and that. When we connect, God made me different, different is good! Now I've got something to give because I'm different, see? Otherwise religion will make you a clone, you'll all turn up the same, you'll all look the same, carry on the same. God doesn't make clones, He makes unique people so we can be different, so we can express our giftings and be unique in what we have - it's wonderful! But do you realise, do you believe that? If you don't believe it you know what'll happen? You'll be totally vulnerable to the pressures of everyone around you to conform to what they want for your life. Is that right?

Let me just pray for Ron here. Ron, just come here, just stand up. Okay, just give me your hand, that's right, just stand there, that's right. Just stand facing me, that's right. Okay, just lift your other hand up to the Lord. Now this is what I want you to do Ron. I want you just to with your eyes closed now, I want you just to be conscious [of 00.47.58] what you're feeling and what you're sensing and I've linked my hand to your hand, I'm holding onto your hand right now, so whatever I begin to start to reach out and touch with God you'll begin to experience it because we're connecting. So you don't have to do anything at all, just have your eyes closed and your heart really open to receive. I want you just to receive and to feel what I begin to experience now. This is what I'm going to do now, what I'm going to do is this: I will just close my eyes and I'll just begin to meditate on the truth, that I'm accepted and I am loved. So what does that look like?

I begin to imagine Jesus right before me. His eyes are full of acceptance and love. He's got so much joy on His countenance of seeing me. I just open my heart to Him. Thank You Lord. As I meditate upon Him I'm just totally conscious, I fix my mind upon Him being there. I begin to feel His love flowing. Thank You Lord - ooh. And so as I meditated I began to access what I could see in my mind, see? Meditation puts the truth in your heart so it becomes living and then you can access God through the truth you have, see? So what I did then was I began to just imagine the truth of being loved and accepted. I saw Jesus standing there and very glad to see me. I see His eyes are ablaze with life and ablaze with love. I just began to embrace what I could see with my imagination and allow it just to flow into me. As I let it flow into me I began to access His presence.