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Hebraic Definition of Kingdom (2 of 4)

Shane Willard

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Well thanks so much for being a part of what we're doing. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow night. I hope you guys were blessed by that. Thanks for letting me be your guest. [Applause] God bless you real good. [Applause]

[Mike Connell] Wonderful. That was fantastic wasn't it? Tomorrow night we'll start to take up offerings for Shane to bless him, sow into his ministry but hope you've enjoyed it tonight. It's been really good hasn't it? A real [whizz. 00.47.39] Man, I love it, just opening up about lopping off ears, that's brilliant stuff so thank you. Let's get away quickly so we can get back tomorrow night. God bless you. Thank you sound men, lights and camera man, appreciate your work.

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