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Hebraic Definition of Kingdom (2 of 4)

Shane Willard

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So it was the rabbi's responsibility to bind certain things as work and to loose certain things as not work, so there were certain things you were allowed to do on the Sabbath, there were certain things you weren't allowed to do on the Sabbath, based on your particular rabbi's interpretation of what it means to work. It's binding and loosing. This is such an important thing. Let me give you an example of how powerful binding and loosing is in a negative way. My grandmother has gone on to be with the Lord now. She was 90 when she died. She has never cut her hair in her life, never worn make up in her life, never worn jewellery in her life, never wore slacks in her life, never went to a movie in her life. If she knew that I was at the movies she would pray the whole time I was in there that Jesus wouldn't come back while I was there, lest Jesus would not come in to get me out of the movie. She got saved five times a day; every three or four hours she would take a second and confess all the sins of the last three or four hours so that God would not leave her. This was binding and loosing they believed.

Why did she do that? Is it a sin to cut your hair? Not to you, but to her would it be? Yes, because it would have gone against her conscience. Like to cut your hair meant - her pastor told her if you cut your hair you'll go to hell right. If you colour your hair you go to a different level of hell alright? [Laughter] So like ah hell, hell. [Laughter] Oh my Lord! [Laughter] That's a different level of - there's a level of hell that you just can't imagine and she's bordering on it. [Laughter] If you were at the grocery store and you even looked at a glass of wine, done, hell. Why? Because her pastor said if you do these things I bind you from doing these things. I forbid it. The Bible - and nobody says 'I' forbid it, they say scripture does. They come up with proof texting. They come up with their conclusion and then they find scriptures to prove the point they want to make, but how powerful was this on my grandmother's life? This is how powerful it was.

On her death bed she was worried that if they drew her into surgery that they would cut her hair. That's binding. That bound on her conscience. I was messing with her once; I said Granny - I took her on a date all the time. She was a widow so when I was home I'd once a week or so I'd go out and take her out on a date you know, it was pretty cool. So I'd take her to a nice restaurant and I'd tell everybody she was my date. Of course everybody got the joke and they'd play it up with her. They'd say oh, you must be a billionaire, you got you a good looking man! [Laughter] She'd go I know, I know and you know, so here's this old woman walking in there and it's going, you know - this is how binding it was to her. One time it was negative six degrees, negative six. I almost fainted. I picked her up - I knocked on the door, she opened the door and she was wearing her normal dress like she always did. But underneath the dress was a pair of track pants, underneath her dress. I'd never seen my Granny's legs covered in a pair of pants like that and I went - she went Shane, could I ask you a question? I said yes. She said you're a pastor right? I said yes. She said it is freezing. It was negative six Celsius - I said yes. She said do you think God would mind if I just put the pants underneath my dress because I'm just that cold? I said I promise you Granny, He's not going to mind.

See this was the [guy that 00.24.52] I was messing with once. I said Granny, we need to get you all made up, need the make up, jewellery, the whole kit and caboodle. She said oh no, I'd hate to send myself to hell, maybe someone else too. I said how would you send someone else to hell? She said I'd hate to give a man a lustful thought. [Laughter] I said you're 85 years old! [Laughter] Lustful thought?! Like - look, I accidentally saw her naked once. I mean - forgive me Granny - [laughter]. I accidentally saw her naked once and y'all, it changed my life [laughter] like seriously, like - I don't know - like, like nothing was in the right place. [Laughter] She looked like a hound dog in a shower cap. [Laughter] It was unbelievable! [Laughter] She could have worn a bikini to a sex addict's conference and cured them all. [Laughter] Like what in the world - lustful thought? Forgive me Granny. [Laughter] That's the power of binding and loosing. You've got an 85 year old woman worried about giving a man a lustful thought. That's heavy.