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Destiny Decisions (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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It takes courage to face where you've been hurt and courage to face what you believe that's wrong and to start to determine I'm going to make changes. So that's a quality destiny decision; make it and you move forward. Don't make it and you'll always be limited and never rise to God's plan for your life. Let me ask you this: don't you think God knew about all of that stuff? And if He knew about all of that stuff He's got a way for you through it. Not only has He got a way for you through it, He's got a way for you to actually come out of it sweet. David said in Psalm 84, blessed is the man who strength or power to overcome was found in the Lord, who passing through the Valley of Sorrows makes it into a well. See, so whatever negative experiences, painful experiences, setbacks you've had, God's plan for your life is you turn that into a sweet well. Others will drink from it and you go from one level of strength to another. What a fantastic thing that is.

Isn't this fantastic? God's the only one that can bring life out of death. Everyone looks and says oh, that was bad. You say God says I see a possibility here! People look and they see Lazarus in the tomb, he's dead! God says you watch Me, he's coming alive! God wants you to come alive. You don't have to stay in that place of death where you're negative and you're resentful and got bad attitudes. You don't have to stay there! It's your choice to stay there. God pours His grace to enable you to get out of it. Choose! Choose! Choose! Make a choice I'll fulfil my destiny. Don't sink. You know Paul was bitten by a snake having got out of a shipwreck. He gets bitten by a snake and shakes it off. I haven't finished my course - see? And I don't know what's bitten you but SHAKE IT OFF! Shake it off! It's not killing me. I haven't finished my course yet. There's more for me to accomplish with my life. [Applause] I'm not going to be defeated at that place.

Some of you have gone through failures, well shake it off. Come to the cross. Come to the blood. Get up and move forward, but don't live in the bitterness of regrets. Live in the vision of a life doing something for God! [Applause] Why not? It's a choice. We've got to choose that way. One of the things I find a challenge in New Zealand is the persistent negativity, dwelling on what's negative and selling what's negative. We've got to change that and be people of dreams and visions and destiny. Amen. Destiny decision number one, let go of past hurts and say NO! This is a no bitterness zone. This is a no negativity zone. This is a no bad belief zone. This is a faith zone! You choose that. No one can choose that for you. Here's the second thing then. The second thing, we found in Romans 14, second destiny decision.

The key scripture here in Romans 14, here it is here. Let's read the scripture first, Romans 14:10. Now why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt or despise your brother? For - look at this - each one of us, we shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ. As its written says the Lord, as I live every knee shall bow to Me, every tongue shall confess to God - and here it is - so each of us shall give account of himself to God. Each one of us shall give account of himself to God, so here's destiny decision number two. Take personal responsibility for your life and say no to the blame game, and no to victim mentality. I'll say it again. Take personal responsibility for your life and say no to the blame game, and no to victim mentality. You notice what it says; God isn't going to ask about all how badly you were treated. He's going to ask what did you do? What did you think? What was your attitude? What was your motive? What did you say?