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Destiny Decisions (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Young people, you make choices today that are going to determine the direction of your life. If you look at older people here they look back and they know the decisions they made and why they're where they are now. Is that true or not? Once you got past 40 you're looking back at some of those decisions thinking boy, that wasn't a smart thing at all. There were a lot of bad ones down there [laughs] but don't live in regret! Don't blame someone else. Make a decision I've still got time, I'm going to make the best of the time I have and my life will count. Can you say yes to that? [Yes!] I'll share with you next week five other destiny decisions, crucial choices you make with your life; the first two today, just repeat them so we have them very clear in our minds. The first destiny decision, I will let go of past hurts. I'll release bitterness. I'll release the pain. I'll release wrong beliefs and negativity. I won't hold on to them.

The second one is I'll take personal responsibility. I will say no to self pity and the blame game. I will own my life and begin now to choose to do something with it. Are you lacking in your walk with God? Make a choice to do something. Don't blame someone else. Are you suffering financially? You're probably reaping the choices of bad decisions. Make better decisions; don't blame someone else. If you've got some troubles in your relationships take responsibility to initiate change, don't wait for someone else. If there's a problem and a conflict in the marriage you be the answer, don't wait for someone else to change. Wives, you're worried about your husband and you're resentful of him. You make the change, because you've got power to change. We've all got power to make choices.

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