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Healing in the Tassels (4 of 4)

Shane Willard

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At exactly the ninth hour, the priest would say “it is finished”, and he would cut the lamb's throat. When God put the sins of the world on Jesus, at exactly the ninth hour, the Lamb of God, and the High Priest of the World said: “it is finished”.

The priest would then catch the lamb's blood in this cone-shaped cylinder. He would shake it ,because the blood had to stay alive. He would shake it to keep the blood moving, and he would scream all the way to the Holy of Holies, don't touch me! Don't touch me, for I have not yet offered the blood of the sacrifice. He would go into the Holy of Holies, sprinkling blood in there before him; then he would come out and wash, and then he could be touched.

When Jesus rose from the dead; there were these two women, and He greets them and goes: don't touch Me, don't touch Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father. The reason is because, if He'd have been touched before He offered His blood in heaven, He'd have had to go through it all again. You can't do that.

The next picture has Him showing up, and He's pulling up His shirt sleeves saying: you can touch Me now. In other words, the offering has been accepted, for all time. Let that which is tamei be called tahor.

So are we tracking on tamei and tahor? Okay, so she reaches up and she grabs the hem of His garment; and Jesus makes this huge show: WHO TOUCHED ME? WHO TOUCHED ME? Basically it's kind of weird, like it's very un-Hebrew. He's like going: WHO TOUCHED ME? EVERYBODY LOOK! Somebody dirty touched Me!

And this lady comes out. It's very important theologically to understand that Jesus never became unclean; but if she touches Him, and is not made whole, is He unclean? Yes! But instead she touches Him, and instantly that which made her tamei, was made tahor.

But Jesus still makes a show of it. WHO TOUCHED ME? WHO TOUCHED ME? Now a lady in a village who had an issue of bleeding for 12 years, how many people would have known it? All of them! So everybody standing there thinks of Jesus as Tamei. This is very important, because Jesus is going to Jairus' house.

He says to her: “go in peace”, which for us, peace is the ‘absence of conflict’; but for Jesus, peace was a concept called shalom, which is: the presence of wholeness without one missing piece.

The issue of bleeding was one thing; but the bigger issue for this lady was 12 years of rejection, 12 years of abandonment, 12 years of not being touched, feeling like an outcast, being treated like an outcast, being gossiped about, knowing that people in the next room are saying things like: what's wrong with her? Physical healing is one thing, but you need to go in shalom.

Salvation to Jesus was about far, far more than heaven and hell. Salvation to Jesus was about wholeness, here, now, today - and there's healing in His tassels. There's healing in the word of God, the name of God, the ways of God and the grace of God as it is attached to Messiah Jesus. There's healing in His wings; and it's not just healing for your physical body.

Some of you need a touch from God for your physical body, and we're going to believe God for you for that; but bigger than that, it's: are you whole?

Go in shalom, because if we're not careful, as the church of Jesus Christ, we're guilty of teaching a salvation that's about heaven and hell. Let me be honest: it is about heaven and hell, and if that's all it is, it's still a good deal. Like heaven/hell - who wants to go heaven? I mean hell's a dumb decision; but salvation is about far, far more than that.