Hosting Shane Willard (2007)

Hosting Shane Willard (2007)

Hallowed in Secret, Manifested in Public (1 of 4) To develop the Disposition of Messiah, Hallow it in Secret; because what you hallow in secret, you will manifest in public.

What it means to be Born Again (2 of 4) View salvation in a whole new light, as Shane unlocks Hebraic understanding, and what Jesus was trying to communicate to others, on what it truly means to be born again.

The Authority of a Rabbi (3 of 4) Examine the basic concepts of rabbinical authority, our role in coming under the authority of Jesus; and how this authority affected the disciples and Jesus' life.

Healing in the Tassels (4 of 4) Num 15:37 - Throughout the generations to come, you are to make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel. You will have these tassels to look at, so you will remember all of the commands of the Lord your God; that you may obey them, and not prostitute yourself by going after the lust of your own hearts and eyes.