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Destiny decisions (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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They just keep it clean and they look after it. Everyone else just lets things run down - and so excellence. Mediocre means literally barely adequate, barely adequate, moderate to inferior in quality. So think about the jobs you do young people; your room. [Laughter] Moderate, mediocre, half-hearted, poor quality. That's not excellence. The funny thing about excellence is when you've committed to excellence in your life and you just do whatever you do well, what happens is it creates a draw of good things into your life. When you do things half-heartedly people are repelled you. No one likes half-heartedness. No one likes a tradesman who's half-hearted. No one likes a job that was done and it was a mediocre job. Just no one likes it, they don't come back, so excellence has a way of attracting and drawing results. Excellence honours God and it seems to attract people. It seems to do something. Excellence means or to excel means go beyond a limit or standard, to rise high and distinguish yourself.

So you could do the floors, you could clean the floors with excellence. See, it shows up there. You could clean the toilets with excellence. See, it's not like you've got to have some big quality. It's just what you do you do it well. I heard someone say one time how come you haven't got the time to do it well, but you have got the time to do it again? [Laughter] Think about that. Think about that. Just whatever you put your hand to, say I'm going to do it well. I'll do it so it stands up and salutes and says yes sir, and people know that was a good job. See, whatever we do. Now one of the things that's been a blight in the church and has greatly caused the community to be turned off is mediocrity, half-heartedness, lukewarmness. You have a look around a lot of church facilities you go to and you find they don't represent an excellent King. They don't represent an excellent God. They look run down, shoddy and everything inside looks like it's tired and about to give up.

That doesn't inspire me at all. I'm not attracted to anything like that, and if you say that God's in that then I'm not attracted to the God that's in that. See, but when there's excellence, there's something about excellence that inspires us. The Queen of Sheba came to Solomon and the Bible tells us her breath was taken away because everything was excellent. It says there was no more spirit in her, so excellence honours God. He's an excellent God, so when we do things well what we're doing is we're making a decision to position ourself for God's very best as well. There are many examples. We shared a couple of them before. Let me give you another one. In Proverbs 10:4 it says he who deals with a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. So it's a personal choice not to take on the she'll be right attitude; oh she'll be right, it's near enough.

Now listen, you've got to say no. If I'm going to do it I'll do it well. Now that comes to your job, it comes to your school work, it comes to your housework. It comes to everything we do, we do it well. That's why one of the things I love about this church, people who come here, they just love the way they're greeted and the hospitality and the way they're met and the way they're looked after. They just go away inspired. They go away inspired because most places they go it isn't like that, but we've been working to build excellence into the church in every area. That's why we put money into facilities, keep everything sharp. It doesn't need to be extravagant, but it just needs to be sharp, a cut above the ordinary. And to do that takes effort. You've got to maintain things, you've got to keep them looking sharp. You've got to keep them painted, you've got to keep them maintained.