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Destiny decisions (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Come on, you think everything in life has got a plan. Even this building was built with a plan. There's nothing constructed eternally that doesn't have a plan it in. God has a plan and He works it out step by step, so start to plan. If you want your destiny to be fulfilled you've got to start to make plans that your life will follow a course by vision and not by just circumstance. And finally the last one is cultivate intimacy with God. Probably the most important of all is to cultivate intimacy with God. Proverbs [3:3-5 00.29.14] it says Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways be intimate with God and He will direct your paths, see? So if we want God to direct our path into our destiny there has to come a point where you stop trying to lean on your own ability and just trust yourself to walk with God and begin to be intimate with Him, opening your heart to Him about your plans, the affairs of your life.

These are decisions that affect destiny. I have watched people, observed people and I've noticed that people who have moved forward and made an impact with their life, all of these things are operating in their life. What about your life? What's happening there? Let's just close our eyes for a moment right now. When we cultivate intimacy with God we're saying no to becoming religious. The Pharisees were religious and never had a destiny, failed altogether. See, David was not religious. David had intimacy with God and fulfilled the will of God - so here's some decisions for us to make. As we think about those decisions, seven decisions, each one of them you work it out in your life, and as I look at people around me I see people who have already done that and you can see their lives going forward; decision to let go of past offences, what a great thing.

A decision to take responsibility, what a great thing to choose to be responsible for my life and future; a decision to develop character, a decision to pursue excellence, a decision to pursue strong and supportive vital relationships and not be a loner. All of these are vital decisions, decision that I will build intimacy in my life with God, a vital decision.

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