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Download AudioDon't Settle - There is More 70.0Mb Joy Connell 3-Nov-19
Download AudioThe Cross, 8 Divine Exchanges 81.6Mb Joy Connell 18-Aug-19
Download AudioKingdom Values (2 of 2) 55.6Mb Joy Connell 8-Oct-17
Download AudioKingdom Values (1 of 2) 89.5Mb Joy Connell 10-Sep-17
Download AudioGood Samaritan 5.61Mb Joy Connell 16-Sep-12
Download AudioRevelation: River of Hope 41.1Mb Mike Connell 10-Jun-12
Download AudioFreedom Conference (3 of 4) 54.4Mb Mike Connell 28-Jan-12
Download AudioMaintaining our Wedding Garments 38.1Mb Joy Connell 24-Jul-11
Download AudioBreaking free of the Orphan Spirit 50.5Mb Joy Connell 30-Jan-11
Download AudioWhat's in your Heart 41.5Mb Joy Connell 11-Jul-10
Download AudioRolling Away the Stone 26.0Mb Joy Connell 16-Nov-08
Download AudioReact or Respond 48.0Mb Joy Connell 15-Jun-08
Download AudioEnemies of Faith 23.7Mb Joy Connell 30-Sep-07
Download AudioHiding your Talent 17.4Mb Joy Connell 19-Nov-06
Download AudioThe Shunamite Woman 22.8Mb Joy Connell 2-Apr-06
Download AudioPrevailing over Injustice 21.3Mb Joy Connell 6-Nov-05
Download AudioAsian Testimony 22.7Mb Joy Connell 9-Oct-05
Download AudioNew Face of Missions (3 of 3) 5.40Mb Joy Connell 1-Jan-05
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