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Download AudioHonour Principles and Practice 58.4Mb Mike Connell 21-Oct-23
Download AudioDefeating Dishonour 68.1Mb Mike Connell 20-Oct-23
Download AudioCAP Global Conference 2023 - Sunday Service 36.7Mb Mike Connell 8-Oct-23
Download AudioCAP Global Conference 2023 53.2Mb Mike Connell 5-Oct-23
Download AudioDefiling Attachments 57.9Mb Mike Connell 23-Jul-23
Download AudioHonour Series 60.2Mb Mike Connell 2-Jul-23
Download AudioThe Empowering of the Holy Spirit 46.0Mb Mike Connell 4-Jun-23
Download AudioBaptism in the Holy Spirit 65.5Mb Mike Connell 22-May-23
Download AudioDeliverance and the Kingdom of God 61.9Mb Mike Connell 22-May-23
Download AudioThe Stretch of Faith 60.5Mb Mike Connell 23-Feb-23
Download AudioOur Hope: The Hope of Christians 60.2Mb Mike Connell 15-Jan-23
Download AudioThe Message of The King 55.3Mb Mike Connell 8-Jan-23
Download AudioResist the Spirit of Fear 45.5Mb Mike Connell 1-Jan-23
Download AudioSons Are Builders (3 of 4) 79.7Mb Mike Connell 22-Dec-22
Download Audio3 R's of Sonship (2 of 4) 78.7Mb Mike Connell 20-Dec-22
Download AudioSonship and Eternal Purpose (1 of 4) 71.2Mb Mike Connell 18-Dec-22
Download AudioThe Arrival of Earth's King 81.8Mb Mike Connell 18-Dec-22
Download AudioAwake and Engage 31.1Mb Mike Connell 12-Dec-22
Download AudioSons are Led by The Spirit (4 of 4) 69.0Mb Mike Connell 18-Oct-22
Download AudioThe Silence of Adam 48.1Mb Mike Connell 7-Aug-22
Download AudioDishonour in Eden 55.5Mb Mike Connell 31-Jul-22
Download AudioRelationship Keys from Eden 55.7Mb Mike Connell 24-Jul-22
Download AudioBlessing or Bondage: The Choice is Yours 54.2Mb Mike Connell 1-May-22
Download AudioOvercoming Disappointment 48.9Mb Mike Connell 10-Apr-22
Download AudioThe Feast of Passover 55.6Mb Mike Connell 3-Apr-22
Download AudioToss out your Tobiah 62.9Mb Mike Connell 16-Jan-22
Download AudioHow to start this year strong 50.8Mb Mike Connell 2-Jan-22
Download AudioThe Great End Time Revival (3 of 3) 59.9Mb Mike Connell 11-Dec-21
Download AudioThis Present Age: A time of preparation (2 of 3) 55.5Mb Mike Connell 3-Nov-21
Download AudioThe Age to Come (1 of 3) 67.7Mb Mike Connell 31-Oct-21
Download AudioRestoration of Fatherhood 47.7Mb Mike Connell 5-Sep-21
Download AudioStir Up the Gifts 36.2Mb Mike Connell 5-Sep-21
Download AudioEmpowered to be Free 88.3Mb Mike Connell 4-Sep-21
Download AudioOvercoming Injustice 51.7Mb Mike Connell 29-Aug-21
Download AudioEmpowered by the Holy Spirit 85.5Mb Mike Connell 28-Aug-21
Download AudioWho is the Holy Spirit? 74.1Mb Mike Connell 22-Aug-21
Download AudioA Church Awake 99.0Mb Jacinda G... 15-Aug-21
Download AudioShes on Fire 81.1Mb Jacinda G... 13-Aug-21
Download AudioPhillip and the Eunuch 96.1Mb Shane Wil... 25-Jul-21
Download AudioThe Wrath of God 99.5Mb Shane Wil... 24-Jul-21
Download AudioThe Wrath of God 66.3Mb Shane Wil... 24-Jul-21
Download AudioGod Rewards Faithful Service 106Mb Mike Connell 4-Jul-21
Download AudioUngodly Judgments 33.9Mb Mike Connell 13-Jun-21
Download AudioThe Fire In You 49.6Mb Dave Connell 2-May-21
Download AudioDon't Curse Your Crisis 54.1Mb Dave Connell 25-Apr-21
Download AudioQ & A with Mike Connell (16 of 16) 26.3Mb Mike Connell 20-Apr-21
Download AudioWalking in Freedom (15 of 16) 149Mb Mike Connell 19-Apr-21
Download AudioUnresolved Grief & Judgments Against God (14 of... 125Mb Mike Connell 18-Apr-21
Download AudioSecret societies & Cults, Mind control & False ... 151Mb Mike Connell 17-Apr-21
Download AudioWorking with Holy Spirit (12 of 16) 142Mb Mike Connell 16-Apr-21
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