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Download AudioTime To Get Passionate For God Again 45.2Mb Mike Connell 3-Jul-16
Download AudioI Hear The Sound Of Rain 40.8Mb Mike Connell 3-Jul-16
Download AudioPower Of A Yeilded Heart 84.6Mb Dave Connell 26-Jun-16
Download AudioArise And Walk 34.2Mb Dave Connell 19-Jun-16
Download AudioQuantum Physics 49.3Mb Winkie Pr... 12-Jun-16
Download AudioDayna's Testimony 41.5Mb Dave Connell 5-Jun-16
Download AudioSealed With The Holy Spirit 32.8Mb Ayo Oyawale 5-Jun-16
Download AudioGods Gift Within You 29.1Mb Dave Connell 29-May-16
Download AudioWhat Sound Does Your Life Make 50.0Mb Mike Connell 22-May-16
Download AudioShifting Boundaries 99.0Mb Dave Connell 15-May-16
Download AudioUncaging The Lion 53.6Mb Shane Wil... 8-May-16
Download AudioEnvy 44.4Mb Shane Wil... 8-May-16
Download AudioGod Of Breakthrough 42.5Mb Dave Connell 1-May-16
Download AudioFit For The Kingdom 26.8Mb Dave Connell 17-Jan-16
Download AudioPrayer Your Will Be Done On Earth 37.1Mb Mike Connell 10-Jan-16
Download AudioPrayer Your Kingdom Come 46.5Mb Mike Connell 3-Jan-16
Download AudioPrayer Hollow Is Your Name 36.1Mb Mike Connell 27-Dec-15
Download AudioChosen 34.8Mb Horowai E... 13-Dec-15
Download AudioLift Up Your Eyes 35.6Mb Dave Connell 6-Dec-15
Download AudioLet Christ Be Your Rock And Strength 53.7Mb Dave Connell 29-Nov-15
Download AudioFulfil Your Calling 63.6Mb Mike Connell 22-Nov-15
Download AudioFrom Disappointment To Courage 39.8Mb Dave Connell 15-Nov-15
Download AudioFountain Of Youth 44.9Mb Dave Connell 8-Nov-15
Download AudioBack To The Future 46.5Mb Horowai E... 1-Nov-15
Download AudioSpeak To Your Future 54.8Mb Saras Bany 25-Oct-15
Download AudioWithered Hands, Hard Of Hearts 37.3Mb Mike Connell 18-Oct-15
Download AudioCultivate The Presence 51.6Mb Norm McLeod 11-Oct-15
Download AudioThe God Of Breakthrough 46.7Mb Kate Connell 4-Oct-15
Download AudioWhat Lenses are you looking through - Faith or ... 38.4Mb Horowai E... 4-Oct-15
Download AudioHiding In Plain Sight 78.9Mb Horowai E... 20-Sep-15
Download AudioDeveloping A Warrior Spirit 53.2Mb Mike Connell 13-Sep-15
Download AudioTake Responsibility And Become Powerful 37.2Mb Peter Ker... 6-Sep-15
Download AudioA Yielding Spirit 27.9Mb Dave Connell 23-Aug-15
Download AudioThe Strength of Meekness 34.7Mb Dave Connell 16-Aug-15
Download AudioThere Is Power In The Name Of Jesus Christ 51.1Mb Doug Li 9-Aug-15
Download AudioThe Upward Call 32.1Mb Dave Connell 2-Aug-15
Download AudioSlave Or Son Of God 51.2Mb Koebi Hart 26-Jul-15
Download AudioAre You A Disciple Or Fan Of Jesus 31.7Mb Mike Connell 12-Jul-15
Download AudioFaith To Grow - The Process Of Expansion 33.5Mb Dave Connell 5-Jul-15
Download AudioRelease Your Potential 33.0Mb Dave Connell 28-Jun-15
Download AudioFather's Day 2015 (2 of 2) 51.1Mb Mike Connell 21-Jun-15
Download AudioHope Is The Vessel That Contains Faith 23.4Mb Horowai E... 21-Jun-15
Download AudioFather's Day 2015 (1 of 2) 43.2Mb Mike Connell 20-Jun-15
Download AudioReaching Your Potential 2 of 2 31.5Mb Dave Connell 14-Jun-15
Download AudioReaching Your Potential In Christ 1 of 2 38.4Mb Dave Connell 7-Jun-15
Download AudioPerfect Love - The Grace Of God 47.0Mb Mike Connell 31-May-15
Download AudioKings and Priests 37.9Mb Dave Connell 24-May-15
Download AudioResurrection Power 56.1Mb Shane Wil... 17-May-15
Download AudioThe Holy Spirit (2 of 2) 39.4Mb Shane Wil... 16-May-15
Download AudioResurrection And Its Implications For Us Today ... 46.9Mb Shane Wil... 15-May-15
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