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Activating the Gifts of the Spirit (manual+5 sermons) activatingth... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 14-Jan-12
Deliverance and Healing (manual+5 sermons) deliverancea... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 8-Jul-12
Exercising Spiritual Authority (manual+6 sermons) spiritualaut... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 14-Jan-12
Building a Strong Spirit (manual+7 sermons) strongspirit Mike Connell 20-Apr-24
Leaving a Legacy (4 sermons) leavingalegacy PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 9-Mar-14
Mike Connell & Brent Douglas Interview (11 sermons) PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 15-Mar-21
Healing from Abortion, Miscarriage & Adoption (7 sermons) 从流产/流产/收养愈合 abortionandm... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 13-Oct-13
Basic Deliverance Training (8 sermons) 基本驱邪术训练 basicdeliver... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 10-Sep-13
Freedom Evangelistic Messages (12 sermons) 自由福音讯息 freedommessages PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Oct-13
Freedom Now (18 sermons) PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Apr-21
Rest of Faith (4 sermons) restoffaith PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 16-Jun-13
Comfort in Times of Trouble (3 sermons) comfortintim... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 21-Apr-13
Forces that Work in You (5 sermons) forces LrhZUkV... Mike Connell 8-Jul-12
The Spirit of Mammon (4 sermons) spiritofmammon PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 28-Dec-12
Who is Jesus (4 sermons) whoisjesus PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Feb-13
Deliverance Training Special Topics (3 sermons) 驱邪术培训(具体事宜) deliverances... PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 3-Oct-13
Sonship Series (4 sermons) PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 29-Nov-23
Freedom Retreat (5 sermons) 自由退 freedomretreat Mike Connell 3-Jan-12
City Harvest Bible School 2011 (6 sermons) 城市丰收神学院 2011年 bibleschool2011 Mike Connell 11-Jun-11
Working with the Anointing (5 sermons) 恩膏 anointing PLrhZUk... Mike Connell 18-Jun-14
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The Functions of the Human Spirit (1 of 7) 873614318 Mike Connell 20-Apr-24
Honour Principles and Practice bAuDcwPvnCM Mike Connell 21-Oct-23
Defeating Dishonour CfSYmY8EW6c Mike Connell 20-Oct-23
CAP Global Conference 2023 - Sunday Service WD9JnvdO6xk Mike Connell 8-Oct-23
CAP Global Conference 2023 xoETnsUOO9U Mike Connell 5-Oct-23
Defiling Attachments sveAU1xm4rI Mike Connell 23-Jul-23
Honour Series aQkkYAT2z_U Mike Connell 2-Jul-23
The Empowering of the Holy Spirit uEAh1PDYZbs Mike Connell 4-Jun-23
Deliverance and the Kingdom of God pr6H7-oEcSA Mike Connell 22-May-23
The Stretch of Faith OEG9LP7nMUw Mike Connell 23-Feb-23
Our Hope: The Hope of Christians uC5CI5ZIySM Mike Connell 15-Jan-23
The Message of The King DWGAC51NciE Mike Connell 8-Jan-23
Resist the Spirit of Fear DLzg8FfKcNk Mike Connell 1-Jan-23
Sonship and Eternal Purpose (1 of 4) GLCfm8ZCGK4 Mike Connell 18-Dec-22
The Arrival of Earth's King c4Q0Xj6N5Do Mike Connell 18-Dec-22
Awake and Engage CkKb3eo5gYQ Mike Connell 12-Dec-22
The Silence of Adam vNlBh7By6P0 Mike Connell 7-Aug-22
Dishonour in Eden QFES7M-LlGU Mike Connell 31-Jul-22
Relationship Keys from Eden Nok_-hbiLBQ Mike Connell 24-Jul-22
Blessing or Bondage: The Choice is Yours v7Evhv0KdwE Mike Connell 1-May-22
Overcoming Disappointment gSNln-54vb0 Mike Connell 10-Apr-22
The Feast of Passover QrrnrL_6YGk Mike Connell 3-Apr-22
Toss out your Tobiah 1cZKes0OWbc Mike Connell 16-Jan-22
How to start this year strong rSm_V-s5crk Mike Connell 2-Jan-22
The Age to Come (1 of 3) bFM1joEd8GI Mike Connell 31-Oct-21
Stir Up the Gifts ewId5oYW6Zo Mike Connell 5-Sep-21
Restoration of Fatherhood bNI9IXShWnQ Mike Connell 5-Sep-21
Overcoming Injustice atbH51PoppA Mike Connell 29-Aug-21
A Church Awake byLa6q03rAE Jacinda G... 15-Aug-21
Shes on Fire duH-1QA7qR8 Jacinda G... 13-Aug-21
Phillip and the Eunuch n4WVWVnlHok Shane Wil... 25-Jul-21
The Wrath of God hoe04iwS1D4 Shane Wil... 24-Jul-21
The Wrath of God hoe04iwS1D4 Shane Wil... 24-Jul-21
God Rewards Faithful Service nDgBlKGXBfs Mike Connell 4-Jul-21
Ungodly Judgments Lfc_U8ePxhI Mike Connell 13-Jun-21
The Fire In You DlCreHvtPw4 Dave Connell 2-May-21
Don't Curse Your Crisis n_EegwQeAR0 Dave Connell 25-Apr-21
Remember (Easter Service) i9sHpag9YFs Kate Connell 4-Apr-21
Jesus Ministry & Deliverance (1 of 16) iWeMf8bjtuU Mike Connell 3-Apr-21
Ian Wright kaAygtz7kNE Ian Wright 21-Mar-21
Digging Wells of Family Legacy O_DABo7Sc6c Mike Connell 14-Mar-21
Alfred Ngaro wVYHhBHSBes Alfred Ngaro 7-Mar-21
Vision Sunday 1VOrlm_gcSk Dave Connell 28-Feb-21
Breaking Strongholds - Healthy Marriages GrzV0-Buddo Mike Connell 24-Feb-21
Open the Wells of Life MsvcgCh_ArE Mike Connell 21-Feb-21
Authority esoc1RIIzIw Dave Connell 11-Feb-21
Seeds of Revival _OEI0mWOmkI Peter Ker... 7-Feb-21
Prayer and Fasting J_lVfDbQMsY Dave Connell 31-Jan-21
Slaying Giants 0fyC_69AhzY Kate Connell 17-Jan-21
Mike Connell & Brent Douglas (1 of 11) HDFFG7IxTc4 Mike Connell 6-Jan-21