Do You Want To Be Made Whole? (8 of 12)

再造全新的我Do You Want To Be Made Whole? (8 of 12)

Thu 10 Oct 2013 (Chinese/English) New Life Church, Taiwan

In John 5 , Jesus likens us to sheep - this message gives several ways this is true! One similarity is that sometimes sheep are "cast", lying down, unable to move, unable to function. If we are lying down we may have many excuses, feel a victim, and be waiting for something to happen. However, like the man in this story, who had been waiting 38 years for help, we need to answer this same question Jesus asked: Do you want to be made whole? We have the power of choice - to receive Jesus and have the power of sin broken.
Audio Transcript

Transcription by Shirley and Teresa
Keywords: sheep, shepherd, isolate, drench, parasites, flies, victim, excuses, powerless, choice