Davids Early Life (2 of 5)

Davids Early Life (2 of 5)

Sun 10 Feb 2008 PM

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Audio Transcript
David's Early Life (2 of 5) Mike Connell 10.02.2008 pm

Amen, praise the Lord. Okay, come on, let's open up and I want you to have a look with me first of all in Acts 13:22. We're looking at the Making of a King because every - people know. How many love the story of David? See, well what I'm going to do is I want to just go through it. We're going through the life of David, but we're not looking at all the great things he did. That's how people normally look at David; they look at all the great things he did. I want to look at the kind of man he was, because when you look at the great things people do you mentally position well they're the great person over there, and you don't always think really what you could do as a person yourself. So what I want to do is to look at the heart of David, so let's just pick it up first of all in Acts 13 and this is what God said of him. He said two things about him - well He actually said a bit more than that but I want to pick two things to mention to you.

In verse 22; I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all of My will. So you see the first thing that God says about him, this is what God says, it's what the Holy Ghost said about him, he was a man passionately concerned to discover what God is like. That's something you and I could make our pursuit as well, to discover what God is like, to discover His heart, not just what He does. Not just the miracles, the outward manifestations, but what is in the heart of God; what is it He loves? What is it He hates? What is it He desires? What does He delight in? You can discover those things and David made that his pursuit. Notice what it says here, it says he will do My will, so a man after the heart of God is a person who will overflow and begin to actually do in the earth what he sees God wants done. So He says in a later verse there, the second thing about him, He said for David - verse 36 - after he'd served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep.

So we see two things about David here; number one, a passionate desire to know God and to walk intimately in His presence. He was a heart man, and the second thing is he had a passion to make a difference in the generation in which he lived. Obviously he encountered God in a major way because he totally revolutionised worship, the nation, the army. Every aspect of the national life he changed it. What a man, what a tremendous man. The dilemma of course is that we look at people like that and we say oh, well I'd never be like that. But actually you can draw from the life, the man, what he's like and actually discover things you and I can apply into our own life, so we're going to look at that. Before you do I'm just going to throw out one more thing there in verse 34. God spoke to him and [said, concerning He said 00.02.41] I'll give you the sure mercies of David.

I'm not going to teach you about it tonight but let me just throw this out, that one of the things that God gave to David was a flow of mercy, so much so that David could quite confidently say that even my failures, God can turn them around and make them a great stepping stone to my success. When you look in David's life you find great failures in his life. He wasn't just a perfect boy; there were significant failures in his life, but he's endorsed as a man who walked in the mercies of God. He said in Psalm 23 the goodness and mercy of God's going to follow me everywhere I go. You understand, he tapped into something. He tapped into a life flow. Now what happens is we get a mental attitude, well if I just do what's right God's got to bless me. That's legalism. See God blesses people because He's good. Doing things that are right is your expression of knowing His goodness.

And so David so knew His goodness he could be confident, no matter where I go, what happens, no matter how much I goof up, I can be sure of this: I will continue and have goodness around my life, unexpected blessing and favour, and also if I blow it God's with me. He's going to get me up again. What a way to walk. What a way to walk, see? He made a mistake that cost 70,000 men their lives, but he still said the goodness and mercy of God's around my life. You need a lot of mercy when you've killed 70,000 people by mistake. Come on, imagine that weighing on your conscience. Bad leadership decision, 70,000 men die; how do you handle the pressure of guilt? Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. He knew how to tap into the heart flow of God, God is good, God is merciful. He tapped into it. Now let's go into the Old Testament and we're going to pick up now just where we were.