The Making of a King (1 of 5)

The Making of a King (1 of 5)

Sun 3rd Feb 2008 PM

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The Making of a King (1 of 5) Mike Connell 03.02.2008 pm

Great stuff. I want you to open your Bible with me in Revelations 5, just halfway through verse 9 and verse 10. Thank you musicians, what a great job. Well we're beginning the year. Who's in for a great year this year? Okay, let me give you a secret. It'll be what you make of it. See, it'll be what you make of it. If you're going to change it's because you decided to change and I love it when people have decided they're going to grow and change. I want to speak - I'm going to share with you some things, a series of messages called The Making of a King, and we're going to look into the life of David. But I want to start it off and just share just a couple of verses first of all. This one here in Revelations 5, it says You have redeemed us to God. You have redeemed us to God by Your blood. Out of every tribe, every tongue, every people and every nation, and You have made us kings and priests to our God; and we shall reign on earth. Where shall we reign? Where shall we have our dominion? Where shall we have impact? On earth.

So the Bible tells us of an event in heaven and it says of a multitude of people and they're declaring and thanking God. The Bible tells us that these people have come out of every tribe, every nation, every people, every [kindred, 00.01.24] every kind of group, people group you could imagine; God has drawn them out and made them His own family and destined once we've become family He calls us kings and priests. You are a king, you are a priest. Now you don't have to try and make yourself that. When you gave your life to Jesus Christ the Spirit of God entered into you. You were automatically placed into the family of God with true important privileges; number one, the capacity to come into the presence of God on behalf of yourself, on behalf of others, to begin to intercede, pray and receive blessing from heaven.

That's everyone's privilege. While you can use that privilege you can begin to grow and learn how to function in that area, or you can neglect it. If you neglect it the blessings God has intended will never be yours, because blessings have to be taken hold of. So what will you take hold of from God this year? The second thing He's privileged us to be is to be kings. A king is a person who has dominion. A king is a person who has a realm over which he rules. Now we are called to represent God to advance His kingdom, so every one of you has a region of influence starting with your own life. Start with your own life. If you can't rule your own life, you won't be able to rule much else - but every one of us, God calls us to advance His kingdom like a king. Putting it simply, that means to reach the people around you, to shift the cultures, shift the hearts of men and women, shift young people, shift them into the kingdom of God.

Everyone is called to that. EVERYONE is called to that. Everyone is called to that. You are called to have an influence in your generation. Now if God called you to do it He will provide all we need to do it. It's our responsibility to discover the heart of God and begin to learn how to take hold of it. I want to show you a verse, we're going to look now at a king everyone knows, King David. But I want you to look firstly in Acts 13, so we see when we get born again we're positioned to be kings and priests. It's a language we don't readily take hold of, but we're called to be winners, we're called to win in life. How about that? And we're called to touch and impact an influence to people around us, change them by the power of God. We're called to bring God from heaven into the earth, His life and power. Everyone is called to do that.