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Standing in the Storms of Life (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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The whole world is groaning because of sin in the world; so we're in that world. It's not heaven, but we are called to bring heaven into the earth, so some storms are just because there's stuff going on; and there are many people face storms in life. One of the key things, if it's a God directed storm is: what's God trying to say to me; and will I surrender? But if it's a natural storm of life, then the kind of question you have to ask is this: how should I respond to this? See sometimes it's no use blaming people, no use blaming yourself, no use blaming God, or blaming the devil. Just ask: what do I need to do, to walk through this storm? How do I walk through the storm; and then second: release grace into it; not judgement, because most people get offended, and want someone to blame when they're in a storm; rather than saying: God, how should I respond? How can I bring grace, the goodness of God, the life of God into this situation? I've got to come to the Lord and say: God, just give me the grace to stand in the middle of it.

The Bible says: by faith and endurance we inherit promises of God; you know, be followers of those, who by faith and patience, receive the promises of God. Sometimes it's just like that, you've just got to learn how to stand, and learn how to bring the grace of God into a difficult circumstance. Now that's part of being a kingdom person; so a lot of people just look around, and they complain; but we don't do that. We don't look around and complain. We're the sons of God, the sons of light; we find a way that we can bring goodness into it, overcoming evil with good, blessing where we're being cursed, starting to engage in reconciliation, or restoration of relationship. So think about that. The storm you're going through, no one may be to blame. It's just something to grow you;

Here's the last one. This is the one I want to pick up here, because this is the one this story's about; and there can be some storms which are just straight out demonic. In this situation, Jesus faced two demonic storms, one after the other. The first was in His natural circumstances, the wind and waves that were going to sink the boat. Second was, He met a totally demonised man, who become a life-threatening danger to them, because of his supernatural strength. One was circumstances, the other was a person; and in our life, we may face some circumstances which are demonically empowered, some people which are demonically empowered; but all have the same effect. They tend to intimidate, and cause you to feel like you're sinking, and can't handle it. I want you to just see what Jesus did. He did the same in both situations. Let's have a look what He did in this one here, because it's a great key to what to do in this situation.

If it's a demonic situation, here's the core question: what is the source of this storm? Is it God? Is it me? Is it reaping something? Is it just a natural storm of life; or is it a demonic storm? If it's a demonic storm, God will give you some indication of it. Now whenever I go overseas, I have demonic storms. I have them before I go, I have them when I'm there; even the people I go to have them. They constantly can't get over the problems they have: power failures, equipment failures, difficulties, setbacks of all kinds, miscommunication. They're just normal, just little stuff; and sometimes it's bigger, but not often. Notice now how they respond, and Jesus models for us how you respond when there's a spiritual pressure comes on you. Your emotions, and your mind, and your body or spirit are in turmoil. This is the first thing they did: they had a panic attack.