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Standing in the Storms of Life (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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They had a panic attack; and then they went to Jesus, and literally they just complained: you don't seem to care about us! You seem to be totally not concerned about this terrible issue we're facing. Can't you see our boat's about to sink! See, they're getting quite angry, because Jesus is totally unconcerned. Now this is why Jesus is unconcerned: He's on a kingdom assignment, and He knows absolutely He will arrive there, and He will deal with the thing, and He'll finish His assignment. His life cannot be ended before His assignment is finished. Your life can't be ended before your assignment is finished, unless you do something goofy on the way. But in the midst of the storm ,the tendency they had was to: one, be filled with fear, and that magnifies the emotions, and all the situation, out of control, out of perspective; second, they got angry and upset; third, they wanted to blame Jesus, and accused Him of not caring about them.

This is ridiculous. His idea to get in the boat in the first place, His idea to lead them over there. He had a harvest in mind, but there were unexpected demonic resistance on the way to harvest. Every one of us who intentionally reaches people, will find demonic storms of difficulty and pressure will come. You've just got to toughen up, and learn what to do in it. It's very simple. They woke Him up; and this is what Jesus said. He arose! Don't lie down, don't go down in your prayer life. Don't go down into self pity and depression. Rise in your spirit! Start to begin to pray, and let your spirit rise up again. You have to stand up!

When I come into worship service, I'm interested not in what the musicians are doing, because they work hard, and they pray and they prepare well and everything. I'm interested in what the church is doing in it's spirit; whether we're standing up to worship God on the inside, or whether it's only on the outside. Whether our spirit is bound under sadness, and heaviness, and difficulty or oppression; or whether we've risen inside, by conscious choice.

You don't have to keep praying for God to pour His spirit out. He's already poured His spirit out. What you need to do is, remember that truth; and arise into it again. You see when storms come, they flood your soul. They affect the mind, the thoughts, the emotions; and if the enemy can get management of that, so you're not managing it properly, down you go; your spirit shuts down, then there's disengagement from the kingdom. The only answer to demonic storms is: engaging in the kingdom. It's the only way, because you actually have to demonstrate your determination and authority to beat the spirits behind it. To do that, you have to arise, number one; second, you have to speak into it. From arising into the presence of God, arising into His throne room, arising and standing before Him; then see it from His perspective: it's just a few demons hassling you. Speak and command them to shut down! Speak and direct them to be quiet! Speak and command them to depart! In other words, speak over the circumstances, and direct how they ought to be; rather than let the demons manipulate them. Get up every day, and rise in your spirit with gratitude to the Lord, because gratitude is vital for maintaining your relationship.

Start to thank Him for all the blessings, allow your spirit to rise and come into His presence; then begin to speak, and command your day to align with the kingdom of God, and align with God's will. You start to command your day to align, oh my, you'll start to engage a few things that are pushing against you through the day.