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Standing in the Storms of Life (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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You'll be surprised when you start to command each and every part of your day to align with God's will. I speak to every spirit assigned against me today, to block and distract or to frustrate. I take dominion over you! Be quiet and silent today! You start to order your day, it's quite interesting. The first two or three days, you'll start to find yourself entering in to sight some awareness of the spirit world; then after that your life will start to become smoother, things will start to come into order. You see, storms come to every person who's determined to carry the gospel. Why would we think we're any different? Why would we lie down when some demon says: boo; when we have a command from heaven to go? Why would we allow ourselves to be overcome by rejection, and self pity, and defeat and fear; when we have a mandate from heaven to advance the kingdom?

I tell you what, it brings shame to the gospel. It brings shame to the kingdom we're called to represent; because I've been to enough nations now, and been to places where people die for their faith. There are more people dying for their faith today, than ever happened in the New Testament church, on a per capita basis. The numbers of people dying today in the world, this Century, exceeds what happened in the New Testament church persecution. Globally, there are challenges to the gospel; and I tell you what amazes me. There's people standing up, and refusing to be intimidated; and saying: God, we will carry the gospel. We will represent You. We will bring Your word to those who don't know. In New Zealand our opposition is not so direct. In Pakistan it's quite direct, you know, it could be just someone with a gun or a bomb, and you're done, just like that. But here it's more subtle. It's like it just saps away your strength, a little day by day, until you become weak inside; and just no energy, and full of apathy. That's what comes against us. We've got to fight that, speak against it. Today, every demon of apathy, indifference, passivity, you're defeated before me! I'll arise in the strength of God today!

Come on church, we need to determine we're going to do that, determine we're going to do that, arise [Applause] in the strength of the Lord! Be passionate about making Christ known! Halleluiah. Why don't we close our eyes right now. I wonder just in this last moment or two, is there any person here who doesn't know Jesus? What a great day to come to give your heart to Jesus. If you'd like to raise your hand, I'd love to pray with you. I'd love to pray with you, if you don't know Jesus Christ. Becoming a Christian is about putting your life in Jesus' hands, it's about trusting Him to break the power of sin. He's the one who'll make the change in your life. You don't have to try any more. You just walk with Him, so today Jesus offers you salvation. Is there anyone ready to receive - I'd love you to raise your hand. I'd love to pray with you and lead you to Christ.

Those who are facing storms, why don't you stand right now. We want to pray for the power of God to come around your life. You don't have to face the storm alone. Storms can be in marriage, family, finance, every part of our lives, spiritual storms, relational storms, whatever. Here's the thing: you're not alone. God says: I'm with you; two, there's other people in the body are with you, even if you don't realise it; three, if you'll pray, God will help you, and show you what to do.

Father, we just thank You today, for Your mighty power to help us through the storms of life. We thank You Jesus, your word says: though I walk through the waters, they'll not overwhelm me; if I go through the fire, it'll not consume me; for You are with me. You will hold me, You'll help me, You'll hold my hand. I thank You Lord today. Today we release strength and encouragement. We stand against every oppressing, depressing spirit. In Jesus' name, we command you to release your hold over the body of Christ. We command you to release your hold over members in this church. We command you to release your hold. Father, we pray great grace will come upon each one here today, in Jesus Mighty name.