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Standing in the Storms of Life (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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So He had poured His life out, even when He was in personal pain, and He was in discomfort. He fed the multitudes, and did one of the greatest miracles at that time, and so He needed to get alone. If we're going to see God move in our life in greater ways, we have to make a priority on time with God. I have been recently over in Asia. I did about 45 to 50 meetings in the space of about three weeks, just one after the other, meetings with people, meetings with groups, praying for hundreds and hundreds of people. I think how do you do it? You can't do it. You actually have to wait on God; so every day just wait on God, spend time in His presence, and God would speak and say: what to do, where to go, how to move. This is where the strength comes. The strength comes out of intimacy and prayer. If Jesus needed to pray, make prayer a priority in your life. Notice this: He made the disciples leave Him. He just needed time by Himself, with the Father.

Now if you have a look what happened straight after that, you start to see this overwhelming flow of the supernatural. The kingdom of heaven is a release of the supernatural to the earth. Notice what happens here: He saw them straining rowing, for the wind was against them; and the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea, and would have passed them by. When they saw - now, get this. This particular story is written out three times. Matthew speaks of it, Mark speaks of it, and John speaks of it; and all tell something a little bit different about it, because it's something that stunned them. Each of them brings out a different aspect, so you want to read the three different accounts, you'll see the three things that happened.

Here's the first thing we find, from the gospel of John. After rowing for nine hours, they were only three miles out, in the middle of the lake. Now can you imagine rowing hard for nine hours, how exhausted you'd be? It gives you an idea of the kind of opposition and difficulty they had, and it says that Jesus saw them. You may be going through pressures, difficulties, you may be going through adversity now. You may feel you're at the end of yourself, but Jesus sees where you are. I want you to see what Jesus said. Now you look at it, it's an amazing thing. Just it's hard to comprehend this, but this is what happened. There's a great storm, there's winds blowing, He sees them struggling; and then He begins to come to them, and He walks out into the sea, and He begins to walk on water. No one in history has ever walked on water, before that day. On that day, He demonstrated His total dominion over creation. He'd given them a miracle, and shown them the miracle of the loaves and fishes multiplying. Now He's about to demonstrate three other things to them, and you'll get the key point just in a moment.

The first thing He demonstrates to them is this. He demonstrates His total dominion over creation, over the law of gravity - you try stepping out on a pool and see what happens. You'll just go straight to the bottom. He stepped out and He began to walk across the water. Now probably the water would have been up to, you know, maybe between His feet and His knees. He was just walking through like it seemed shallow water. I've heard of revival in Indonesia ,and some people were being pursued by people who wanted to kill them, and they ran down. This guy Maltari and his team. They were running away from persecutors, who wanted to kill them. They ran down to a river, they put their foot in the river - it didn't seem very deep. They ran across the river, it was only up to about here, ran across away the other side. The others following them tried to do the same, went into the water, it was over their heads, and they were swept away. It's a modern day example of that very, very same miracle - amazing.