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Standing in the Storms of Life (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Sandra's unnoticed. I don't think anyone notices Sandra; but over in Asia, they know her. She's becoming well known now, and she just said: yes, I'll go; and she went; and she's been in Indonesia, she's been in Malaysia, she's been in Singapore, been up in India, and probably going to be up in other places as well. But here's the thing: that she has seen the need; and stepped in, and joined her faith to walk in it. Now I encourage you to think about this. We are mandated to share the gospel, and always the gospel contains the supernatural. What are you doing to stir your prayer life, and to engage with others in reaching people for Christ? That is the challenge we all face today, to actually let our faith rise, and say: God, I'm believing.

I saw Girda tonight, and she had her testimony. She went and prayed for that lady, and then saw the lumps miraculously disappear. See, that's what I'm talking about. She's actually doing something, where hurting people are; and God loves people that are in need, and loves to reach out through someone. The question is: will He reach out through you? Who's life will be impacted by your testimony, by your efforts, by your commitment, your sacrifice? You know Jesus compelled them to get into the boat. They were a bit reluctant, and some of us may be a bit reluctant, but nevertheless Jesus still is putting the pressure on: get involved in harvest, it's harvest time. He's saying: even if you feel it's a bit out of your depth, and you don't know where you are; and there's some storms blow up, and you feel uncomfortable; nevertheless, go and reach the lost, reach unsaved people, build a relationship, build a connection, build friendship, find ways to minister to needs.

Get God to give you an idea, and show you what you could do. Who'd have thought of Owen being all over the world? Be the last thing you'd think. I don't even know how he does it. He's got a criminal record! He was deported from Australia. How does he get into places like Pakistan? Everywhere you go overseas, they ask you: what's your criminal record? You've got to fill it out on the form, and then if you've got a criminal record, you don't go there. Yeah, same with China, exactly - he got into China as well. China is very rigid on your criminal record, and they can look it up. You know we've got one guy in the church here, and his criminal record vanished; it just doesn't seem to be there on the computer anymore. Who knows how that happens?

See, God is committed to get people, who've got their heart towards Him, out into the harvest field. The challenge is: will it be you? Will it be you? Come on, let's just close our eyes tonight. Close our eyes right now, and I'd love Sandra to come on up, and I'd love Owen to come on up; you're going to lay your hands on some people, and let's fire up the evangelistic gift in people.

Church, tonight if it's in your heart, if you felt challenged and inspired to say: God, I want to make my life available. Lord, I want to commit myself to pray, and to start to reach out in a way I haven't done before. If that's you, would you make your way to the front. I want to get these evangelists to lay hands on you, and to believe for an impartation to increase your faith tonight.

Father, we pray for each person responding today. Father, let the power of the Holy Ghost come upon them. Let there be an impartation of faith and boldness in evangelism. We call for divine encounters; we call for divine opportunities; and we pray miracles to be released in Jesus' Mighty name.