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Standing in the Storms of Life (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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I was talking to a guy - now this happened in Hastings. I was talking to this man, and he's a great guy at sharing the gospel, just a great servant of the Lord; and he had a motor accident. It was a very severe motor accident, and he was in hospital, I think for probably up to a year recovering, and he doubted that he was ever going to recover. He thought he might even go; and the Lord said: no, I've got something for you to do. Once he'd recovered, he was out; and he began to work for a local Christian organisation here, and he would come into town and do the banking. Anyway, one particular Friday, or whatever day of the week it was he had to do the banking; and he had to go to seven banks I think, on the one day, and he only had about an hour to do it before closing time; it was a very short time, whatever it was. I'm not quite sure of the exact time but it wasn't very long. Now get this. He said: God, I do want to get this job done today. He went into the first bank, made the banking, came out and when he came out he saw, this is quite strange - he saw an angel standing outside the bank, and he saw like a crystal area around the ground.

He stepped on it, and the moment he stepped on it, he was at the next bank; so he went and did the banking. He stepped out, and there was the angel again, and the crystal all on the ground; and so he just stepped on it, and he was at the next bank. He did the whole of the banking - now that is supernatural transportation. That's the very thing that Jesus did - happened to a guy in Hastings here, not so long ago. So the God we serve has got enormous power, and the power is released through faith. I'll just finish with this, because I want to finish on half past seven. In the account of this story in Matthew - and you'll remember this - when Peter saw the supernatural happening, he said: I want to be part of that. Jesus, if that's you, bid me to come; and Jesus said: come; and he stepped out, and began to participate in the supernatural dimension of the kingdom. Now you've got to see this, that before that time, Jesus was the only one who walked on water. Then Peter was the second man; and here's the thing.

It was faith; when he saw what God was doing, and he linked his faith to it. Faith comes by hearing. He said: Jesus, if that's you, bid me to come; and Jesus said: come; and he stepped out of the boat, and he was walking on water. Of course a little bit later you know, that he got his eyes on the circumstances, and the big waves and the wind, and he lost his sight of what God was doing, and his faith diminished. He began to slowly sink, and then Jesus reached after him, and lifted him up again. Don't focus on the fact that he sank. The ones who were in trouble really were the guys in the boat, who saw it all, but never stepped into it. Tonight I want to challenge you to think about this. We've had Owen talking about things he's been doing in New Zealand, and things he's been doing overseas, and many of the miracles and things God's been doing. We've had Sandra talking about the great miracles that God has been doing, so we know that God is doing miracles, reaching and touching people, but will you see what God is doing in this hour of reaching unsaved people, and extend your faith to be part of it, and see God working through you? You see, Peter was the only one that extended his faith to get hold of what God was doing, and be part of it.

Now I look around. I've been around a few years in ministry, a few years. I've seen thousands upon thousands of Christians coming and going. You get a few people that stand out; and I see someone like Owen, who hasn't been a Christian very long - how long have you been a Christian? [3 years] Three years; but you see there's something unreserved about his giving to the Lord, and God has opened up avenues for him. I believe it's connected to the call of God on his life, but God has opened up for him the opportunities to speak, preach and minister; and God has provided supernaturally for him - but he's stepped into what God is doing in this hour, by saying an unreserved yes to Jesus.