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Headship and Responsibility (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

I can wash my disciple's feet, which is the lowest job. You can do a few low jobs around the place too. We'll talk a bit about how to put this into practice [laughter] - all the women are going ha ha ha! Men are sitting down in their seats - but you know something? Let me just finish before we get onto the other side of the coin. We'll get the flip-side of the coin in another session of course. [Laughter] Even though a man embraces the responsibility in his heart, the fulfilment of his leadership requires his wife accept him in that role, and release what she's been carrying to him. You can either release it wilfully, or you can go with a fight. [Laughter] I can remember the day when my wife released the finances to me. She came in with a cheque book, threw it down on my desk, and said: there, you do it. [Laughter] I said: yes I will, and I did it ever since. It was as simple as that. But you understand this, that in order to give leadership, you have to assume responsibility of the person who's following. That's why God says: husbands, you be the kind of leader a wife would easily submit to. Wives, be in submission to your husband, and don't be fearful of doing this, because God will help you. You don't have to change him. You don't have to manipulate. You don't have to do this and that. If you will just take your right place, and do what God says to do, His power will come on their heart, and move him.

Why don't we just close our eyes right now. The first step is to come into relationship with Jesus Christ. I wonder is there any person here, who's never actually ever admitted, that Christ died on the cross for your sins. Your sins have cut you off from God. Jesus died for your sins. Your sins will leave you in eternity without God, eternity without hope but friend, Jesus died for your sins. If any man, any woman, any person would acknowledge what Jesus Christ has done, and who He is, and open their life to receive Him, and make Him welcome, then that person will be changed.

Are you here today and you want to become a Christian? Why don't you raise your hand right now, say: I want to become a Christian, there's emptiness in my life. There's something lacking, there's a God dimension lacking. I want to receive Christ today. Why don't you raise your hands now and say: that's me, I want to become a Christian, I want to receive Christ.

I wonder how many of you, as men today, have felt God speak into your heart, and say: son, you have not represented my headship well by your life, by your example, by your love, by your words. You've been absorbed in yourself, and like so many of the men of this nation, passive, resistant, laid back; and the role of headship in the home is no longer occupied by you, but your wife has had to carry the responsibilities, responsibility for the children, for the discipline, the order, for the prayer, the spiritual direction. You are a rebel against God. You are resistant of God's order. Whether it's because you didn't know it, because you just failed to do it, or whatever it is; at the end of the day, none of those things will count. Demon powers have been able to access your marriage and family, because you were absent without leave, you were AWOL.

Today God's speaking to men, saying: men, you need to stand up and take your right place, your right place in the family, the right place in the marriage, the right place in the church, the right place in the community; the place God gave you, a place of headship, a place of leadership. If God's speaking to you today, and you're saying: Lord, I have neglected my responsibilities; today my first step is to own my failure, own my neglect and self-centredness, and to actually turn to you and say: Lord, I want to carry responsibility for my family, for my marriage. Are there men here today who would say: that's me, why don't you just stand where you are. I don't want you to come to the front, I want you just to stand where you are, say: God is speaking to me today. I need to stand up on the inside, and begin to shoulder responsibility. Men, come on, just stand, stand where you are. Let God's spirit come on you, and the change that you need. My experience has been, in so many marriages, it's the woman who carries the weight. Men - God bless, there's men standing. Father, I just thank You for these men now. Other men need to stand too, other men who could take that responsibility; to protect, to love, to lead, to give direction, to set standards, to bring spiritual life.