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Headship and Responsibility (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

Because we don't understand God's way in this matter; men, if you're a man who doesn't know how to love a woman, and lead properly, then you're just failing as a man. You want to be a good man, want to stand up and be proud of who you are, and others proud of who you are? Then be a Christ-like man, submit to Christ, begin to get a holy, clean life; instead of using women, learn how to love them, and to lead them well. You will be a great candidate to be a husband. Ooh, you've all got so quiet. [Laughs] We're biting into the bone now aren't we? Okay then, now let's get to it here. It says: I would have you know, the head of every man is Christ, every man needs to get a relationship going with God. If you're a man here today, and you don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ, I want to give you a chance, at the end of this meeting to do it - it'd be the best thing you could do to get your life right. He's the greatest lover. He can change a hard heart, He can melt your heart, He can heal your heart. Not only that, He's the only one who can help you do a good job of what you're called to do.

Now this is what the Bible says. It says: the man is the head of the woman. Now I want to share with you three problems that come related to this. No man can be an effective leader until he settles these issues in his heart. Men, you'll never lead your home, unless you get this really settled in your heart: number one, God has designed you to be the leader. Two, He has appointed you, to be the leader; so you better agree with Him, that's His order. If you don't accept He made you up - a man has been created by God. He has certain things in his make up, that actually equip him to be the leader in the home. He has things in his make up, that are different to the woman, that enable him to carry the weight. That's why so often, you know, she might be having some trouble with the kids, he comes out, one word from dad [growl] [Laughter]

So there's an authority. God has given something, if the man knows, understands; if you're a man, I have been ordained, or appointed by God, to be the leader of the home. Not only that, He's got something in me, to enable me to do it. Even if I haven't realised it yet, it's in there, I can do it. I can do it! I can do this job! God would never ask me to do something, unless He enabled me to do it; therefore, something in my make up will embrace this job. When I've embraced it, I'll feel I'm being fulfilled as a man. It's true. Any man who actually neglects his responsibility as the leader of the home, feels bad about himself. You get a man who fails to lead his home, he'll always have low esteem problems; and all the prayer ministry in the world will never fix it up. You've got to stand up on your feet: I'm a man, I'm called to lead, take the responsibility into your heart. Then begin to find out ways to love and to serve, learn how to do it. So God's power is released, only when you assume the responsibility; so if you're going to make a mark in the home, you actually have to own the responsibility.

Who does the buck stop with, for the spiritual life in the home? Come on now, don't think because your wife's such a great prayer, and spends hours in prayers, that it stops with her. It stops with you! It stops with you! You are responsible for the home, you're responsible for the marriage. You have to understand that, no matter what anyone tells you, or anyone says; when you get to heaven, if you've been a married man, He will ask you not only about your personal life, He'll ask you what you did about your marriage and family. You will give account, so if I assume responsibility, it's at the point of assuming responsibility, power begins to flow. Until you own the responsibility, until you carry a sense - most men go out, do their thing, they think their wife will run all the home. Friend, that is wrong. You've actually got to own responsibility for the thing. Once you've taken on that, you'll find that in your heart, the power of God will start to arise. You'll feel a surge, something begins to change inside, you when you take ownership of responsibility.