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Shane Willard

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How many of you believe that Jesus looked at someone caught in the act of adultery and said I do not condemn you? In John 8 it says it. Jesus, dealing with someone caught in the act of adultery; I do not condemn you - but how many of us could look at somebody and say I do not condemn you? It's the difference between doctrine and yoke. How many of us believe - there's 100 examples to this - how many of us believe that Jesus said do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will have enough worries of itself? Ha ha. How many of you believe that, but how many of us have a worry problem? [Laughter] Is it doctrine or is it yoke? How we respond to people, is it doctrine or is it yoke? Jesus was the compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love God. What we believe in terms of doctrine and yoke will determine what we bind and what we loose.

Let me be very clear about this. I am a total believer in deliverance. Folks have demons and it needs to go, absolutely. In today's language to say I bind a devil is perfectly appropriate, because that's English and that's how we use it and it's used appropriately. In First Century Hebrew culture binding and loosing didn't have anything to do with devils. Jesus was the king devil caster-outer guy. Like Jesus - I got to sit on a plane with a rabbi from LA who is an expert in Kabbalah okay and I love this kind of stuff. So I'm just sitting there with him and he goes you follow Jesus? I said yes. He said He was the greatest Kabbalist ever. Now I don't have to agree with him to have a conversation with him. I said oh, tell me about that. What makes Him that way? He said that guy went around and built a reputation for setting people free. I said yes, how did He do that? He said He threw devils off of people. He said do you realise that in those days very few people would even attempt that?

That's why Jesus ran across people who'd been demon-possessed for 18 years and stuff, and He's just going oh yeah, that's enough of that. Jesus mastered setting people free. I am all for that - but binding and loosing had everything to do with yoke. Binding and loosing had to do with what you allow in your yoke or what you forbid in your yoke. Jesus said whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. So what does that mean? If you think about this what we bind is what we forbid people to do. What we loose is what we free people to do, and that is based on our yoke okay. And what we bind on earth does bind people's consciousness in heaven. It does, but let me prove it to you. My granny. My granny is a godly woman who grew up in just a wonderful weird system.

My grandmother has never cut her hair in her life. She's 80 - I think she's like 108 or something, but she's never cut her hair in her life. It's all pulled up into a bun that pulls all the wrinkles out of her face. [Laughter] She's never worn slacks in her life. Like to my grandmother to cut your hair meant you would go to hell, so hell, hell, hell. Remember hell's about somebody else, to them it's - yeah. To colour your hair is like a different level of hell. [Laughter] My grandmother has never worn slacks, never worn jewellery, never worn make up, never cut her hair in her life and never went to the movies. Like if I go to the movies to this day she'll pray the whole time I'm in there that Jesus would not come back while I'm in the movies, because He would never go into a movie theatre to get me out of it. [Laughter]