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Shane Willard

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For me to get up here and say this could be a rectangle in certain situations cannot be in a two dimensional world. In a two dimensional world this has to be a rectangle. But in a three dimensional world if all we do is add one dimension, is that a circle? Yes. Is that a rectangle? Yes. So in a three dimensional world if we just add one dimension, they're stuck in two dimensions - if we just add one dimension it can actually be both. So what would happen if I was God and I'm trying to communicate? Now I live in four dimensions, so what if me in four dimensions tried to communicate with Joe and Sally who are stuck in two? So what if to communicate with them, what if I took my ring off and I said I know, I'm going to get their attention. I'm going to slide this ring through their world, so I slide it through their world. In two dimensions what would they see? The would just see a dot that turns into two dots, that turns into three that does - it would just look like that. That was a very bad ring, but you get the picture.

It would just look like that, and so Joe goes Sally, did you see that? Sally goes yeah, that was nine dots. Joe says no, that's the ring of Shane man! She goes no, you're crazy, that's nine dots. He goes no, I'm telling you, that's the ring of Shane! So what if I wanted to mess with them further and I took my hand and I stuck my hand through their world. What would they see? They're stuck in two dimensions; what would they see? They would see five dots that enter at slightly different times, with slightly different circumferences, at slightly different angles. Those five dots would be followed by dashes - it's a two dimensional world remember. So Sally goes did you see that Joe? That's five dots just appeared, followed by a series of dashes. [Laughter] Joe says no man, that was the hand of Shane man. So what if I wanted to mess with them even further and I took my face and put it really close. Joe says do you feel that? It's almost like it's the face of Shane, and Sally goes no, it just got a little warmer, that's all. He goes no, I can sense his presence.

Now that's what it would be like if a four dimensional creature tried to communicate with a two dimensional world. That's what it would be like. How many dimensions does God live in? Thousands - so what would happen if a thousand dimensional person is trying to communicate with four dimensional creatures, and those four dimensional creatures are so proud that they think they can figure God out? [Laughter] So they call themself theologians and they go it's predestination, it's predestination, it's predestination. God predestined us. He predestined us. Then there's a whole other group of theologians that go it's free will, it's free will, it's free will. It's got to be free will - no, it's got to be predestination - no it's got to be free will - and God's like um, it could be both maybe. Like if we just add say one dimension to your thinking you would see it fuller, but what if you could see things like I see things? This would all make sense. Would you just be humble, give people the grace to journey and be replications of Me. That is the bigger issue.

It's all about kindness and generosity. Don't tell me what you know about theology until the girl at KFC knows that you're saved even if she messes up your order. You need to see the marker trick, that whether you're Joe and you believe it's the hand of Shane, or whether you're Sally and you believe it's five dots, both take faith because you just don't know. What we're called to be, we are not called to be the moral police for the whole world. What we are called to be is to be replications of Jesus Christ to the whole world. We are not called to be the moral police. We are called to be a group of people who are known to be compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love, who meet other people's needs first and in that we will become ministers of the kingdom of God, in a decision. That takes faith, which is three things to the Hebrew people: tefillah, teshuvah, tzedakah, that all across this world people with white skin, people from Europe - and I can say this because I'm white. [Laughter]