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Shane Willard

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People with white skin, if you asked them why will you go to heaven when you die, 99 per cent of all of them will say this: because I believe in Jesus. There's a problem with that. Is there anybody in Hades - not Gehenna - anybody in Hades who believes in Jesus? Heaps! The devil, all the angels, the demons. They all believe in Jesus but yet they find themselves in Hades waiting to be thrown into the lake of fire. Belief in Jesus is never enough; faith in Jesus is and Hebrew faith versus western belief are two different things. Hebrew faith is tefillah, teshuvah, tzedakah. I'm going to leave it right there and we'll pick up right there tomorrow night, on tefillah, teshuvah, tzedakah.

Lord, would You seal something in us tonight that would make us closer to You. Lord, we proclaim that You are the king of the universe, You are. You're the king of the universe. Lord, You are the king of the universe and we are not. Would you just stop right where you are and be still and know that He is God. Be still and know that He is God. Lord, would You give us the faith to bind and loose only what You bound and loosed; to live Your life, not to just believe it but that it would be a yoke, that it would be a yoke; not a system of beliefs but a yoke, a way of living. May we be replications of You to this entire community. May we be a people who are known to be people who bring heaven to earth and leave hell to the wayside. We say death to Gehenna and hello to a life of bringing heaven to earth by putting other people first. Bless us tonight and bring us back tomorrow to challenge us and change us more. Amen.

Thank you very much for letting me be your guest tonight. I hope you were blessed by that. Please come back tomorrow, bring some friends. I promise you it's going to get better and better and better and better. We just laid some groundwork, it's going to get better and better and better. God bless you. I'll turn this over [unclear 00.37.20]. [Applause]

[Speaker] Fantastic! Come on, let's give Shane a big clap, that was absolutely brilliant. [Applause] Don't forget to come back tomorrow night and remember, tomorrow night we'll be taking up an offering and also check out his merchandise table. That'd be great.

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