Pentecost - Fresh Filling of the Holy Ghost

Mike Connell

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So number one, get filled with the spirit, get filled with the spirit every day, and hunger for more of God. As you worship Him and yield to Him, stand by the bed and just lift your hands, oh! just let the Holy Ghost come on you and fill you. I have noticed, that if you will yield, He will come on you, as well as rise up within you, and the more He comes on you, and the more drunk you get in the Holy Spirit, it's got to be good for you. It's got to stop you being so uptight, to be filled with the spirit, huh? It'll be a lot better. Some people I look, and so many people are tense and anxious and wound up and uptight and stressed. Why don't you stop, STOP, STOP! STOP! God, I'm blessed with every blessing. Help me to remember. I've just forgotten it under the pressure of the world, who I am, and what I carry. I need to come back home again.

Through the Bible it says: through returning and rest, you enter and experience the things of God. Repenting, and just resting, and you come back into that place in God again. You know a lot of us would do a lot better in the life if we could just stop through the day for a minute every now and then, just stop: oh God, I just come back to You. Thank You, You're filling me - and we start to feel the joy again, feel the life come back again, start to feel happy again - might even look drunk. People say why are you laughing? [Laughter] Excuse me, why are You laughing? Why are you so happy? [Laughter] You're just drunk in the Holy - but I don't understand. How come you have a - this is not even midday, and you've been drinking. [Laughter] [I'm an early starter.] You're an early starter, confirmed. [Laughter] She's an early starter, I love that.

But you see, just even doing what we're doing, people start to get touched. There's a flow of the spirit. It's not a hard thing, and so we'll just finish now, and let me just finish with one last thing. Here it is here. You notice that number one, your personal experience, get filled with the Holy Ghost; number two is, learn to flow with the spirit. The more you flow with the Holy Ghost, the more you get filled again, get filled again. I'll just finish with the last one. Here it is, go down the end and here it is, blah blah blah blah, Verse 44: All those who believed were together, had all things common and sold their possessions and goods and divided them among all, so anyone had need they just gave to them.

Now here's the thing, practice generosity. You want to be filled with the spirit, please practice generosity. If you want to be filled with the spirit, practice generosity. There's no person can be filled with the spirit, and remain mean. It's just impossible. Generosity is the expression of love, so if you get filled up with the love of God, the first thing you want to do is to give to someone. You ever noticed drunken people give: here, here, here, have some. [Laughter] They kind of... you know? But generosity is the characteristic of God, and so if you're filled with the spirit you become generous, and God wants us to intentionally be generous with people who are poor, who are in difficulty, the unsaved, the widows or single parents, those who are without a father, those who are in need.

Part of Pentecost, and the Feast of Pentecost, now we'll just close it with this. In the Old Testament, when God prescribed the Feast of Pentecost He said this: gather, make an offering, here I am. No work [laughter] NO WORKS! No works. No works! Stop struggling - see? And then He said: and don't forget to be kind to the poor. So there it is. So in the New Testament they got filled with the spirit, they came and presented themselves to God, and received. Ah! No works! Got drunk and filled with the Holy Ghost. Then they began to minister the spirit, because that's the flow; what you've received you can give to others, and then finally they were generous. They were generous to the poor, and so Pentecost starts with experiencing God, and it finishes with a river of life, that expresses itself in ministry to needs and people, and giving and generosity to the poor.