Pentecost - Fresh Filling of the Holy Ghost

Mike Connell

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So we want a new Pentecost? Well then it's time to stop working so hard, and start to make a decision to experience God again. Come on, quick, I'm going to start to just - you've got to do this, come on. Just do this. Now close your eyes just for a moment, lift your hands up now and start to begin to meditate, that you are the temple of God, and that God's spirit is just filling you, filling you, filling you. Just let it start, He'll start to fill you and oh! Spirit of God, here it comes. You'll be glad to have a wife full of the Holy Ghost - you'll have to let go control through. [Laughter] There it goes, praise the Lord. [Laughs] Quickly Rod, come on up here. Come on up and Bill, why don't you come up too Bill? You've always wanted to get filled with the Holy Spirit. Come, come, that's right, just stand in that place of presenting and surrendering. You'll start to feel the joy start to come on you. Ready Bill? Give me your hand and there it is, the presence of God - someone get behind him quickly.

See, now remember I was meditating - what was I meditating on? I'm the temple of God - ooh, got holy hands now mate. Listen to this, you take a handshake of this, the power, ready? Take a handshake, ready? [Boom! Power!] There's something happens see, filled with the Holy Ghost, here we go. Put that down and get drunk with the Holy Ghost. Put it down, just get drunk with the Holy - ready, lift your hands up, that's right, whoa! Okay, now just begin to meditate [laughter] there it is, Holy Ghost, look at that. You're living with a drunk. Here we are, come and have one too. Have a drink too, come on, have a drink of the Holy Ghost. This is what we need, to be filled with the Holy Ghost, ready? Just - okay, now just lift your hands up like you're drinking. Oh, I'm just drinking now, whoa! There it is, Holy Ghost. Come on her Lord right now. Look at that, that's happening so easy isn't it?

Now Brian, why don't you just stand there. Now I want to minister to you, I want you just to stand and close your eyes, and Jesus is right in front of you. He's just reaching out to you, saying have a drink Brian, have a drink. Let's have a drink together, come on, have a drink. [Laughter] Now you're - there it is, just a river of God flowing like that. Isn't this exciting? Isn't this fun? Why don't we all just stand up now and reach out, we need to finish now, but we need this river flowing constantly in our lives. Come on Brian, up on your feet. He's drunk - another drunk man over here, look at this. Holy Ghost. Come on, let's just stand on our feet, just lift your hands up to the Lord. Lift your hands up to the Lord, just close your eyes. [Laughs] Now for some of course, it'll be easier than others, because you've practiced this, for some it may not be, and if you're listening on the tape you could do this. Just stand. If you're standing at home alone you want to be standing by a bed in case you fall over, you can fall on the bed.

Okay, just lift your hands to the Lord. I want you just to use your imagination to just lock on, there is Jesus in front of you, about to fill you with the spirit. His eyes are ablaze, His countenance full of joy, and He's just opening His hands [exhales once gently] to release His presence into you. Just receive now. Holy Ghost, thank You for coming on me. [Laughter] That's right, relax and just yield to Him. [Laughter] Or you may want to take the picture of being the temple; there right inside you is the temple of the Holy Ghost, you're there. and the Holy Ghost is inside you rising up, filling, filling, filling. Holy Ghost come - look at this, people getting drunk already. Its okay, if you feel like laughing then laugh. [Laughter] Don't try to pretend. [Laughter] Holy Ghost, spirit of God, we need a fresh Pentecost. We need Your power coming upon our lives again in a fresh way. We need You to touch us powerfully.