Pentecost - Fresh Filling of the Holy Ghost

Mike Connell

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Holy Ghost come, come. You ready Brian? Just step forward. If you step forward you get drunk - drunk, drunk, drunk! Holy Ghost, come on him right now. Its funny isn't it aye? That's right, step forward - there it is see, presence of God. That's right, now step into it. Use your imagination, and step into the presence of God, it's amazing what happens - whoa! Holy Ghost come, come, come. Spirit of God, come, the Holy Ghost, that's right, Holy Ghost come. [Laughs] Well I was feeling the touch of God. Why don't you come up the front, already feeling God's presence touching you well just come and stand around the front here, we're going to lay hands on you, just release more. Come on, we want a river of God flowing. If you want the touch of God on you why don't you come on up? There's a river flowing here!