The Rest of Faith (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Let's not be like Mary and Joseph, missing our moment, missing what God is doing, and being so caught up with what we're doing, that we go a whole day's journey, then realise: God, what has happened? Where are You?

Then have to face three days of pursuing, with anxiety - because we don't even know where to look - we're so out of touch with what God is doing.

God's moving on this area of compassion to the poor.

God is moving. Everything that you do, that involves reaching out that way - you'll find the river of Gods spirit come on it.

God is interested in healing the broken-hearted, restoring people. Whatever we do in that, you'll find the river of God will flow. Everywhere I go, I see this happening.

God is interested in people being discipled - growing and fulfilling their destinies and calls in God; not just sitting in church, coming on Sunday, and thinking that that's what it is to be a Christian.

To be a Christian is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said: “Follow Me, and I will make you”.

Your life will undergo continual change and transformation; and the outcome will be: you'll be a fisher of men. You will reach out, engage, gather people, and bring them to become followers of Me.

This is the movement of God, in the hour we're in. We need to get on the page with Him.

Now at a personal level - if you find that you've lost your rest, your peace; you're becoming anxious, stressed out, irritable, confused - go back to where you lost it.

Return to the Lord, return to that place of peace - begin to make the adjustments and changes.

On the bigger scale, if you find that there's restlessness around your life, uncertainty around your life, then start to re-centre around the person of Jesus again; see what He's on, and begin to follow Him anew.

Let's just open our hearts to Him right now. The last thing is: interestingly enough, Jesus - even though He spoke that way to them - then submitted to them.

“They did not understand what He was doing - but He went along with them anyway, submitting in His heart to them; and He grew in wisdom, stature, and favour with God and man.”

Closing Prayer

Perhaps there's an issue in your heart?

Perhaps you don't know the Lord. You've never had an experience with Him, or learned what it is to walk with Him. You're walking in your own ways, following your own path, influenced by what's around you.

What a great day today to make a decision: that I'll put my life in the hands of Jesus Christ. I'll begin to pursue the One who loved me, and died on a cross for me. I will put my life in Jesus' hands, and partner with Him in changing this world.

Are you at that place, where you recognise your need for Jesus Christ, and you want to just give your life to Him today - trusting in Him, to save you from the power and the presence and the penalty of sin?

Perhaps, as I've talked, you've realised: I'm not in a place of rest; I'm in a place of stress and anxiety. I've moved away from a heart that's rested in Him.

Here's God's word to you today:

In returning, and rest or trust, you will be saved.

In quietness and confidence in God, you will find peace.

God wants you to come back in that place of peace again.

Perhaps God's been silent; and you're going through difficulties, pressures, struggles.

Say: “God, I want You to help me. I need You to help me today”.

Father, I thank You for each one here today. We thank You for Your grace to help them to come to a place of rest and trust in You, in Jesus' name. Amen.