Traumatic Experiences (6 of 8)

Mike Connell

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So, there is all kinds of ways that people can experience a shock to their system. Demons use that to come in and then torment the person. So, when you are working with people, look for the possibility there may be a trauma of some kind in their life, a powerful negative picture. So, we have to ask the Holy Spirit to bring these things to the surface as we talk with people. I’ll just show you some steps to follow in this. So, traumatic experiences create these problems. 1.) The picture, the memories, the feelings, the reactions, the beliefs. 2.) Sometimes the person is soul tied to the trauma and you just need to break the soul tie. 3.) Sometimes there are demons attached into the trauma, and once you minister into the person, then you can cast the demon out.

So we’ve now looked at a range of doorways for demons to come in. So, if you are trying now, or sitting with a person, and trying to work out what is the person’s problem, so let me give you some steps for diagnosis. Usually when someone comes to you they’ve got a problem. “Please help me.” So, you have to ask questions and listen. If someone comes with a problem, you begin to inquire, like you’re searching for contributing roots to the problem. So, whatever problem the person has, we begin to ask a number of questions.

We are looking for several things, and so we’re looking for root systems that support the problem, and allow the evils to be in there. Our approach in ministry is: tear down the demonic house - remove the demonic house; then cast out the demons. So remember what the demonic house is made up of: it could be generational curses; it could be patterns of sin; it could be reactions, like soul-ties and bitter inner judgements; or it could be made up of traumatic experiences.

So, this is how we would approach it. “Tell me what the problem is. How is it affecting you? How long have you had this problem?” When you ask the question ‘how long’, you can begin to find whether this was a generational problem. Here’s what we would look for in diagnosing the problem.

1.) Is this a generational issue? In other words, is there a generational curse operating? Do members of the family have the same problem? So when you’re talking to the person about their problem, did other members of the family have the same problem? How long have you had this? Often the clue to where to look is found in when the problem started. So it’s like we’re searching. We’re trying to gather information, and we’re listening to the Holy Spirit. He may prompt you to ask random questions. So, number 1: is this a generational problem?

2.) Are you soul-tied to some person or event? Is there someone who contributed to this problem, and you are attached to them? So the problem may be a soul-tie to someone sexually; a soul tie to someone who abused them; or a soul tie to someone who abandoned them. So are there any soul ties? Are there any bitter roots – unforgiveness? Are there any bitter roots present; or bitter judgements against someone? “I can never trust men. Men will always let you down.” Are there any bitter expectations? So you’ve got to ask the questions, and try and find these problems. Has the person made any inner vows? “I’ll never do this, I’ll never do that.” Did you make any inner vows?

Maybe it comes up with nothing, but you just mentally have some things you’re looking for. Are there any word curses in the person’s life? They cursed themselves; or a death wish of some kind? Are there things they’ve been saying to themselves? Are there words others spoke over them? You’re looking for that, it may contribute to the problem. Are there any habits of sin - patterns of destructive sin? Are there any of those? Are there any traumas? Are there any pictures in their mind that are creating negative memories, negative pain. Then, what kind of demons are in there? So, if you begin to think about the person’s life that way, then you systematically can deconstruct the demonic house.